Aging is not a disease, as was once said – aging is a slow process of change and transformation

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Aging is not a disease, as was once said – aging is a slow process of change and transformation within a lifetime. The transition from one phase of life to the other is slow and gradual, without being tied to a specific calendar age. If you take a closer look at aging people, you can always see that the aging process is different for everyone. Nevertheless, there are a number of different subdivisions and designations for the large and very heterogeneous age group of “elderly people”. It ranges from the active 65-year-old to the over 100-year-old.

Which phase of life does old age begin with?

In 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) made the following subdivision:< /p>

Subdivision of the World Health Organization (WHO)

51-60 years
aging people

61-75 years
elderly people

76-90 years
old people

91-100 years
very old people

over 100 years

The body changes with age…

With increasing age, there is a reduction in sensory perception. We see smell, hear and taste span> less good. Human body composition also changes: the water content and muscle mass decrease and at the same time the proportion of fat mass increases. This reduces the basal metabolic rate, which in turn results in lower energy requirements.

For example, a woman (doing light work) between the ages of 25 and 51 uses approx. 1900 kcal, the same woman at the age of 65 and higher only 1600 kcal.

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Healthy nutrition keeps you young

In contrast to energy requirements, the need for nutrients does not decrease with age, so you should ensure a high nutrient density when eating food. The basics of a healthy diet in old age should therefore primarily be the following foods:

  • Lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grain products
  • Dairy products, low-fat meat,
  • Fish, poultry, Eggs and
  • Pulses and vegetable oils.

So the older you get, the more important it becomes to choose the foods you eat every day.

Aging healthily with sport and exercise

Another important factor in staying young for a long time and preventing illness is physical exercise. It is not only the best prerequisite for maintaining body mass, but also for well-being and mobility in old age. Exercising regularly is a major factor in maintaining muscles and strong bones. Conversely, the age-related decrease in muscle mass and Bone density is amplified when the muscles are not used and inactive.

Some studies show that regular exercise has a positive effect on dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s), cardiovascular diseases and Osteoporosis affects. It’s enough to go for a 30-minute walk at least three times a week, swim, shake a leg or ride an exercise bike, etc .


On the one hand there are people who age relatively early, on the other hand there are those who age extremely slowly. It always depends a bit on what you make of it yourself, because “There are old men and young men”.

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