Answers to the question: What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

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  • Velva

    Once I dropped a lump of cookie dough on the floor and a lot of dirt, dust and hair stuck to it. I ate it anyway and haven’t been quite the same since.

  • Pedro

    I don’t eat gross things, but my friend across the street once ate a piece of popcorn that had been grated into a car’s exhaust pipe.

  • Jayson

    I ate a worm that was under mud for $10. It was not so bad. It just tasted like rotten fish.

  • Spencer

    Tripe, in Posole. But I really didn’t think it was gross. In fact, it’s a traditional family meal for us. I think it all depends on what you consider gross.

  • Kallie

    thirteen rotten oysters, i was on faer factor once

  • Lavina

    Gryphon. It’s supposedly an apple + a grape. It tastes more like an apple soaked in grape flavored Tylenol for a few hours.

  • Wellington

    A vegetable called okra makes you wonder what’s in your mouth????????????????????????

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    My mom insisted we eat lima beans. I gagged but she didn’t care LOL. They were totally gross.

  • Angelita

    Once when I was a missionary, my companions came and I stopped by to see an elderly member of our church. I had heard some bad things about the food they served visitors. So I made sure we don’t stop by at a normal mealtime. Unfortunately, despite this precaution, we got there just as she was sitting down for lunch. She insisted we join her and as we had to be polite we couldn’t refuse. She was in the process of emptying her fridge in preparation for a trip. So what served us was sour milk, coleslaw with rancid dressing, discolored bologna, and some white bread. It was absolutely the worst meal I have ever eaten. :-p

  • Jon

    Ants. I left my root beer on the table and left the place for about 3 hours and came back in the dark. I took a sip of my root beer and tasted something very spicy. Then I realized the boot was covered in ants! (Luckily it wasn’t red ants!) After that I washed my mouth for a whole hour! Now I’m checking very carefully to make sure it’s not buggy or something! BLAH !!!

  • Keenan

    Dog food – the wet kind! When I was little my mom asked me to feed the dog and she told me late that I would taste it before I gave it to the dog! ewwwww !!

  • Susanne

    Probably dirt. Or I ate a dog treat back then that was a bit like an Oreo. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad.

  • Audreanne

    DO NOT EAT… .BUT DRINKING, WELL SORT OF….IF YOU WORK IN A BAR MANY YEARS AGO I DRINK PIPE CLEANER (STERAT) ACCIDENT. THE BOSS CLEANED THE BEER LINES WITH A POWERFUL INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANER AND FORGOTTEN PULLING SOME MUG BALLS THROUGH TO QUIT THE CHEMICAL. I found what I thought was a fresh spot…Seconds later I felt what can only be described as a burn line running from my tongue to my stomach. My colleagues were waiting for me to die….. HOWEVER I MADE IT HURT BUT AFTER WAITING THREE HOURS WITHOUT ASSISTANCE TO GO HOME, DRINK TWO PINTS OF MILK AND GOED TO BED. Well I guess you don’t know how it ends… Sad for some I’m still here!

  • Bit

    Chocolate covered cheese pizza. You can imagine the faces I made.

  • Kamryn

    I have once accidentally swallowed something I found at the bottom of the public pool.

  • Giovani

    I ate my crusts. delicious, the ultimate recycling.

  • Florencio

    I once bit into a snail, which contained something crunchy. I never ate them again.

  • Lilliana

    This is REALLY BIG! My aunt made us the cows’ tongue for dinner, but she didn’t realize it had to be cooked. Needless to say, we didn’t finish dinner that night.

  • Kody

    Once I ate a moldy bagel. I didn’t know it was moldy until I ate half of it. I think that’s because I smothered it in cream cheese. I ate this Spanish lollipop with a cricket in the middle and it was peppery flavored. It tasted like crap. Luckily I didn’t get into cricket. haha And then someone gave me $10 to eat some of the school lunch from uneaten portions of people’s meals. Probably by far the worst. It was a combination of bun, chicken nugget, ketchup, mayo, chocolate milk, smoothie, pizza, ho-ho and sandwich. I didn’t have to eat everything, thank god. That’s why I don’t trust myself anymore. heheh.

  • Jake

    When I was 15 years old we had just come from one Came back up the mountain hike and I was so keen on a mug I thought punch… a smoother texture just rolling down my neck when I pulled it away I realized it was gas for the chainsaw!

  • Camilla

    I ate a large dead goldfish that was found on the floor of the activity room and probably sat there for several hours. The worst part was I had to chew it thoroughly without using water and all I got was $5. But I would never do it again. It was disgusting!

  • Gardner

    A chocolate covered catapiller. It was an experience I would not soon forget

  • Wilhelm

    I was in front on a four wheeler and when I opened my mouth to speak! A dragonfly entered the chamber

  • Eryn

    dirt, paintballs (1/3 of the time , in which they actually taste like candy) and little squid things… ugg

  • Laurence

    Steamed lamb head, followed by steamed lamb shanks #2, not followed by steamed chicken gizzards #3, which I didn’t want to eat!

  • Filiberto

    an uncooked snail in garlic butter that somehow slipped through the net. And kedgeree is pretty horrible too, as is steak tartare, but the escargot has to take the top spot

  • Christ

    not so much gross as painful…..I drank a bottle of vinegar for $2..

  • Jenifer

    I had an apple about a month ago and there were literally about 5 maggots in it; 3 of the maggots happened to be in my mouth when I bit the apple. There were eggs and stuff in there too… urrghhh I always make sure to cut my apples now haha.

  • Linwood

    Well, once I was in a restaurant that I used to go to with my friends and we did this experiment with everything – and I mean everything on the table – like all the sodas and lemonades. I think it was Sprite. and salt and pepper and a bag of sugar and straight up with the paper and everything and then someone had a salad so I used whatever they had like blue cheese and lettuce and croutons. and we mixed it in some water and it was like really thick and stuff so I mixed it up with a fork and when the waiter walked by he was like daring to eat something and my friend and sister were like yeah! So basically I ate it gross!!!

  • Coleman

    I ate a philly cheese steak sandwich at a restaurant. There was a hair in it, but afraid of drawing attention to myself in the room, I ate it anyway. I was sick the rest of the day. Eww! Next time I’ll say something!

  • Myrtle

    Well, when I was little, My brother made me eat a worm and by the time I was 14 I was eating mashed potatoes, ketchup and Mr. Goodbar candy bars in the cafeteria! DELICIOUS!

  • Roselyn

    While I was in dorms at varsity, I gained a reputation for eating basically anything that comes with it. That’s how the Chris Challenge began – the leftovers from all the meals were put in a bowl and mixed up, and then I had to eat them. Depending on what meals were served that day, the taste ranged from really disgusting to so incredibly bad I’m hardly in the hospital. The one that tasted exactly like vomit was the second to last I’ve ever made. The last one that really threw me over the edge consisted of; some cabbage chocolate ice cream some animal fat a spoonful of salt a smear of mustard (English of course) a diced carrot These weren’t bad, but someone had the clever idea of ​​adding a tablespoon of mint sauce. The whole concoction resembled the green vomit spit out by the possessed girl in The Exorcist. I never threw up though, but to this day it all makes me choke with a strong taste of mint sauce.

  • Alexandrea< /h3>

    A bunch of things…lima beans that my mom caught me putting in a napkin when I was younger lol Potato salad which my aunt ruined with too much seasoning salt (still not sure if that’s even a proper ingredient for some food) and by the way she caught me trying to flush it down the toilet 🙂 I got hooked on that too caught eating a snail – give me a break i was 6 lol worst of the bunch? Potato salad, no doubt

  • Kennedi

    A white bread sandwich with ham, cheese, jam and Mustard.

  • Shyann

    When I was about 5 years old, I swallowed the ” Steelie” -My brother’s marble.

  • Dock

    In a good French restaurant, in where I was working, I would look at the baked snail and think, “This can’t possibly taste as bad as it looks.” I was right. It was even worse.

  • Everett

    The durian fruit smells terrible and tastes even worse. It is mainly found in Asian markets.

  • Adan

    A dead snake from the ground a strange bottle of vodka. For some reason, after me and two friends drank the vodka, we thought it would be a good idea to eat the snake too.

  • Lavada

    Fish intestines roasted on a stick over a fire, similar to how you roast Weiner. Spent a few years in the Arctic

  • Cecelia

    Pig feet! EEEEEEWWWWWW !!! Speaking of evil! Try that!

  • Sterling

    Frog legs, but it tastes like chicken. I guess it’s the thought of what it is.

  • Alexandra

    My husband’s aunt makes a “famous” corn and oyster casserole that everyone wants to have at family gatherings. It was definitely one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten. Canned creamed corn, canned oysters, and I don’t know what else… but I could only choke on a bite. Doesn’t help that I can’t stand oysters to begin with.

  • Vivienne

    Baked cucumber. It’s mean! My mother cooked one many, many years ago. We all told her it stank and didn’t want to eat. It made her angry and she made us eat EVERYTHING! However, she never made it again!

  • Alvena

    When I was younger, I used to I ate bogies out of my nose…yuck.

  • Shakira

    I drove in front on a quadricycle and opened my mouth to talk and a dragonfly went in. I chewed it maybe 5 times and spat out half, I ate the rest I think

  • Ethelyn

    Rabbit I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I felt guilty when I knew what I had eaten. I went insane when I found out what it was

  • Wilhelmine

    I am me not sure what’s considered the most unusual, but I’ve eaten (and enjoyed) ‘escargo’; wallaby; and a possum pie. Oh yes, and chicken feet. Yum

  • Daisy

    When I was 3 years old I ate 2 full packs of the My mother’s birth control pills. The DR at least told my mom not to worry about him getting pregnant. LOL

  • Kris

    While we were in China, a bird was served with arrived intact head, feet etc. No big appetite that night! Probably other weird things were eating but just couldn’t make out what they were!

  • Dawson

    A daffodil bulb I thought was a spring bulb when I grew both in my garden.

  • Caesar

    I ate these sausage slices at an Irish breakfast. Days later I found out that these sausages contained blood. Days later I was totally sick and nauseous.

  • Dianna

    Uni … Es is raw sea urchin with a raw quail egg on a spoonful of rice, wrapped in seaweed.

  • Dena

    Chicken embryo – I was in the Phililpines and there nuts about it

  • Carlotta

    As I was playing truth or dare with some neighbors, I had to eat a handful of fish flakes. (or lick the rim of a toilet gut) and then someone else had to eat a raw onion covered in really REALLY old molasis and dipped in kitty litter

  • Helga

    < /p>

    The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen was that elementary school lunch. It was white rice with a sauce that was the epitome of snot, with diced veggies. = | The most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten was…well actually I don’t think I’ve actually eaten anything that bad, either that or I just like a lot of food. =)

  • Napoleon

    I hope I never know. Ignorance is more than bliss…sometimes. Maribeth

  • Carmella

    I ate a blackbird, my brother and I shot. It looked pretty healthy and around noon so we figured why not. We grilled it and it was extremely chewy and chewy, but packed with a nice venison flavor. If I made it again, I’d probably stew it in a vindaloo curry for a long time.

  • Jevon

    I’ve swallowed a few live fish in my day. Talk about a long way down, boo-dum ~ chh

  • Richter

    A crane fly. When I was about 8 years old I was dancing and playing with my friends and one flew in my mouth. Tasted bitter. EEEw. *shudder*

  • Cleve

    I was eating a whole tube of glittery pink toothpaste when I 6 years old and was in the hospital because of stomach problems of all things. Tasted pretty good back then and didn’t give me a tummy ache. 🙂 Also, there was this little box of paste my mom gave me when I was in third grade. You put them around your nose to get rid of when you got a cold… I would eat a little every night until I finished.

  • Claire

    a grub for a bet but the worst thing i tasted is another mint leaf for abet haha

  • Maximus

    As a hamburger at a cafeteria, I think they used some kind of canned meat to make the patties. It had the texture of rubber and tasted like nothing I’ve ever tasted, and that wasn’t a good thing

  • Elvie

    I had a caterpillar once. While in Scotland, I was invited to Africa by some Canadian missionaries who lived in the same building as I did for a Mexican-African meal of dried caterpillars. My dad said when you got over the thought they tasted a little bit like bacon. I never got around the idea.

  • Jordan

    Fried water bugs in Bangkok, a slimy eel on a bed of rice, 7-11 hot dogs. . . .

  • Celestino

    I can’t do this. Hearts, brains, lungs, tongues. That’s just too much for me to stink.

  • Aletha

    The brain of Raw Lamb on purpose in a Lebanese restaurant. mmmmmm They were lush.

  • Napoleon

    You won’t believe it, but one night up drunk at a party there were bowls of kibble and i mistook the ashtray for a bowl of kibble and immediately moaned at what they were!! At least I made everyone laugh all night, but I haven’t lived it to this day!!

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    A flash. It happened to be stuck in the bottom of my ice cream cone. It tasted very bitter.

  • Wilton

    Green Ants in Australia was a journey of trying anything and everything. Surprisingly, they actually tasted quite good, a bit like lemon.

  • Darion

    Chicken soup my Mother. *shudders* It had no taste, no color, no smell. Did I mention taste? Although there was a funny moment when my friend said “there’s nothing quite like a good bowl of chicken soup, is there?”

  • Kelsie

    I’m not going to eat anything that I even remotely suspect will be disgusting, but I had the displeasure of watching my boyfriend use the suction cups and all that still intact, the little baby peels WHOLE octopus (squid?).

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