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What is HDRip?

Similar: Higt definition Rip

Similar: Higt definition Rip

HDRip is a format that compresses video files with high image and sound quality. The full name is Higt definition Rip

The essence of HDRip is a high-resolution HD video, but because it takes a lot of space when storing on DVD, the solution is to compress it into HDRip format. So image quality with sound is not as good as original.

Hdrip Standards

  • Usually, the average compression capacity of a video or a movie will be only 500 – 1.5GB.
  • Hdrip has 2 main formats, mp4 and avi. These are also the two main types of formats that users often encounter when downloading a video.
  • The quality of Hdrip is equivalent to HD format.
  • Among the group of DVD formats, the aXXo format is the most famous.
  • For Hdrip files, we can store more because it has been compressed and reduced in size.
  • The picture and sound in the video are of high quality.

Features of HDrip in movie files

HDrip stands for Higt definition Rip which means a format for compressing movie files with very high definition.

Features of HDrip files: in short this is a thumbnail of the original HD .these files are in the same format as the original five  usually with avi and MP4 extensions. Because it’s compressed Again, the size is smaller and how much smaller depends on the compression method. Different compression methods give different results and the size of the HDrip version ranges from about 500MB to 1.5G.

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Advantages and disadvantages of HDrip

  • Advantage: Helps us to experience video movies with high quality but with little storage space.
  • disadvantage: When watching the HDrip version, we will see that it is not as sharp as the old HD version.

Other popular video formats


Many of you who love theater movies know a lot about this format, a copy from a movie theater, usually recorded with a digital camera.

In some favorable cases a stand can be used, but very rarely, as the Cam is often shaken and sometimes shot from an angle, the image can be unduly cropped. The audio is captured directly from the camera’s microphone, so it will sometimes be mixed with the audience’s voice. Quality is not the lowest.


Similar to the CAM version but uses its own audio and video recording device. So maybe the sound will be better but the picture quality is still poor.


TeleCine is a digital film camera that records movies from tape. Sound and picture can be very good, but will depend on the quality of the machine.


These versions are primarily derived from VHS tapes, which are typically delivered to rental stores or viewing venues. The aspect ratio is usually 4:3 (full screen). Most SCR versions are converted to VCD

BDRip BDrip

Is an Xvid encoder directly from a Blu-Ray disc source. File format ( x264 / *. mkv )

BRRip BRrip

Is an Xvid encoder directly from a Blu-Ray release source. File format ( 1080p *. mkv ) this type very few people rip .


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Copy from VHS tape. Roughly this category specializes in sports – skating and XXX

TVRip Recorded from TV. Workprint

It is a copy of an incomplete film, may lose scenes or music, and the quality can range from excellent to very poor. Some WP versions are very different from the original.

DivX Re-Enc

Taken from the original VCD source -> encode to a DivX file -> about 200MB –> very jagged in general –> should not download.


Many movies from Asian Silvers/PDVD (read below). These movies have an icon in the corner of the screen when viewed. Usually the letter A, the letter Z, or the “earth” symbol

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