Everything about suppliers, supplier management and the six R rule. How do you choose and evaluate a supplier? Learn more now!

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Service and customer satisfaction form central components of your company in addition to marketing. Since the reliability of external service providers plays a major role in this context, it is important to choose your suppliers carefully. Here you can find out which criteria distinguish solid suppliers and how you become aware of them.

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What is a supplier?

As defined, a supplier is an organization or person through which customers receive products. In principle, the supplier can act as an outsider or as part of the customer itself. If one translates supplier into English, one quickly finds the explanation for the fact that the so-called supplier is often used as a synonym for supplier.

What are the criteria for a good supplier?

In order to satisfy your customers and meet their expectations, the reliability of your suppliers is essential. However, since good suppliers are not measured solely by price, numerous other aspects are decisive.

In order to avoid bad experiences as much as possible, you should set specific criteria within your supplier selection. This table gives you an overview of the most popular criteria for supplier selection:

Supplier’s response
Does the supplier show understanding or forbearance when it comes to complaints?

Readiness for delivery
Are the desired goods available on call and will they arrive on time at the desired date?

Is there a personal contact?

Are short-term deliveries also possible?

Product Quality
Do the delivered goods meet the desired quality?

Offer transparency
Are there hidden costs?

Are there price guarantees for a clearly defined period of time? How often are prices increased?

Payment target
How long do you have to pay your bills? Does the supplier grant discounts or discount for quick payment?

Tip: The supplier search engine on the supplier.de website makes your search for a supplier much easier. Immediately after your registration you will find numerous supplier addresses in the wholesale suppliers area. The platform meets the needs of buyers and suppliers alike.


When making your selection, you should also consider the countries to which the supplier delivers his goods. If you purchase goods from suppliers in different countries within the EU, this is a intra-community delivery.

What do you have to consider when comparing suppliers?

Thanks to the latest technologies, there are numerous options for supplier acquisition. However, it is not always easy to find the right supplier for your company. Your supplier selection process is successful if you succeed in creating a harmonious interaction between customer and supplier. To achieve this, you should integrate a detailed supplier comparison into your supplier selection process.

As soon as you have collected a few providers as part of an initial supplier selection, nothing stands in the way of your supplier comparison. First of all, it is important to know the importance of individual providers for your company. What happens if exactly one supplier fails? Are you still able to meet your obligations on time, or does it get you into trouble yourself? Group your suppliers into essential, important, and less important categories to clearly show their importance to your business.

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Checklist for your supplier evaluation

The suppliers in the first two categories are then subjected to a more detailed assessment. This tells you how to do itSupplier evaluation checklist:

  1. Define eight to ten criteria that you want to compare specifically, e.g. price, quality, delivery conditions, adherence to delivery dates
  2. Weight the importance of your criteria as a percentage. All criteria should add up to 100%.
  3. Collect all known data, for new suppliers you can replace missing data with neutral average values
  4. Assign points from 0 to 10 for individual criteria, with 10 standing for very good performance. The graduation should be in 0.5 or 1.0 points.
  5. Multiply the category score by the category weight percentage. Then add the sum of the points achieved to the category.

If the result is close to 80, future cooperation is definitely advisable. All suppliers that score between 60 and 80 are characterized by consistently solid performance. In this case, too, nothing stands in the way of further cooperation. If the value is below 60, you should refrain from further cooperation.

Tip: Since little information is often known about new suppliers, a temporary business relationship is initially worthwhile in this case. If you have initial experience, you can consider a long-term collaboration.

What do you mean by the six-r rule?

In order to keep your company competitive in the long term, an ongoing supplier analysis is absolutely necessary. Over time it is important that you develop your own supplier selection criteria depending on your offer. The so-called6-R rule provides you with the most important central aspects and thus serves as a guide.

Specifically, the 6-R rule is divided into the following components:

  1. Delivery of the correct product
  2. Delivery of the correct quantity
  3. Delivering the right quality
  4. Delivery at the right time
  5. Delivery will be at the correct cost
  6. Delivery to the right place

In addition to the contents of the 6-R rule, you should also include complaint processing, services and the certification of your suppliers in your evaluation scheme .

When do you need a substitute supplier?

For products in your core business, the loss of your supplier would have drastic consequences for the reputation and success of your company. Since the risk of unforeseeable incidents can never be ruled out with certainty, you should develop a strategy against sudden delivery failures in advance. Because in an emergency, finding a supplier with the desired conditions is usually extremely difficult.

If you have particularly urgent products in your range that are difficult to obtain, two alternative suppliers are recommended. For products that contribute to a large part of your business success, a reliable backup supplier is sufficient.

So that you are not forgotten by your substitute suppliers, you should order from them at regular intervals, even if the conditions here turn out to be less attractive.

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How important is supplier management for you?

A comprehensively structured supplier management enables you to systematically manage your business relationships with suppliers. The more you devote yourself to the core competencies of your company, the more processes you have to hand over to suppliers. As a result, supplier management is becoming increasingly important for you as an entrepreneur. Supplier management primarily pursues the following goals:

Strategic goals
Operational Objectives

Medium-long-term optimization of your company’s supplier base
Increase in supplier performance and Reduce your procurement costs

Ongoing assurance of supplier quality
Transparent supplier comparison to find the “best” supplier

Proactive organization of substitute suppliers
Weigh supplier relationships

Elaboration of measures forMaintaining competitiveness
Reduction of the supplier base in order to achieve better conditions

Targeted control of your procurement volume
Realistic estimate of the optimization potential of suppliers

Which areas does supplier management cover?

For your supplier management to function smoothly, these three areas are particularly important:

  1. Supplier evaluation: careful selection of your suppliers, taking into account possible deficits, such as product quality, delivery time, level of service, costs and technology
  2. Performance level of your suppliers: Continuous review of flexibility, reliability, availability
  3. Classification in the value chain: How important is the respective supplier for your company? What products or services do you purchase?


Suppliers are suppliers of goods and a great relief for you as an entrepreneur. So that everything runs smoothly, the reliability and punctuality of your suppliers are essential. It is therefore important to select your business partners with absolute care. A thorough supplier evaluation gives you a concrete overview of different suppliers. Ultimately, it is important to find the supplier who satisfactorily meets your personal criteria.

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