What does it mean when a guy calls you special? There are several things you can find out if he ever calls you special.

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What does it mean when a guy calls you special? 9 Hidden Meanings – Psychology


When a guy calls you special, it can mean many different things.

Men don’t like to beat about the bush. They always say what’s on their mind or it just slips out of their minds.

Even if they don’t want to admit certain things, you can still tell by their facial expressions and body language.

But what does he mean when he calls you special? Is it just a casual thing or does it have a deeper meaning?

There are many questions going through your mind at this moment, and all of them give you hope.

The possible answers may give you some the hope that you are special to the man in your life.

You can feel your heart flutter when he calls you special.

Any girl would swoon at the mere thought of the man who is so special to her is to be called something special.

We all want to be called special. It’s a perfectly normal thing because you, me and every other girl want to be special in a certain man’s life.

So what does it mean when a guy calls you special?

Can it have a hidden meaning? Do you even know what this term means?

What does it mean when a guy calls you special?

As mentioned before, there are different meanings and sometimes it may not mean what you were hoping for.

You should pay close attention to how he says it and in what context a guy specifically calls you. It can often lead in unexpected directions.

Nevertheless, when he calls you special, it’s different than when he gives you nicknames.

Don’t think that because he calls you special it’s the same as calling you baby, love, sweetheart and so on.

These are actual nicknames that have their own little meanings.

We’re here to discuss what it means to be called special by someone you’re interested in.

1. He wants something more serious

He can make you wonder what it means when a guy calls you special. Maybe he didn’t even think about it and just blurted it out?

The thing is, even if he missed it, it just means his mouth is faster than his brain.

He said it because he really means it. If you’ve fallen in love with his man, you probably know that he doesn’t just say things for no reason.

It means something to him and he’s been thinking about it for a while.

He’s probably realized he wants something more serious with you because you’re special to him.

When a guy calls you special, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, but it is the most common.

Guys don’t usually go around telling every single girl they meet that she’s special.

You probably know this man well enough to know if he usually does this sort of thing.

2. He cares about you as a friend

So you’ve been friends with this guy for a while and he’s telling you that you’re special to him.

How are you? They panic, of course.

It’s not that you don’t love your boyfriend, but when a guy calls you special, you think it’s definitely because he’s started to have feelings for you develop, but you couldn’t be further from the truth, my friend.

He doesn’t have to be romantically attracted to you just because he says you’re special.

Something to consider in this scenario is whether your friend has ever taken action against you.

Does he say other things that make you think he’s interested in you?

If not, then you really have nothing to worry about. He’s still your friend, he just thinks you’re special to him because of the bond you two have.

You’re probably still very confused and if that’s the problem, you can ask him.

Ask him what it means when a guy calls you special and you can allude to the time he called you that.

He’s your friend after all, so you should be able to talk to him about such things.

3. When a guy calls you special, it’s because he’s in love with you but isn’t ready to admit it

It might have been the atmosphere of that special moment that made him say that.

Still, it can mean that he’s falling in love with you but isn’t ready to admit it just yet.

Either he’s been hurt a lot in the past or he doesn’t think it’s the right time to tell you.

If a guy calls you special when he’s in his If he’s been through a lot in previous relationships, it means he’s falling in love with you.

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He’s not ready to tell you that just because his heart is still healing and he’s not ready to talk about his feelings .

Another reason he doesn’t want to admit it now is that he might want to spare your heart.

He’s still not sure what his feelings are or what’s happening, he just knows that you’re very special to him.

He appreciates you enough to knowing that he can’t just play with your emotions like that.

What would happen if his feelings ever changed? He couldn’t take that risk.

4. He’s confused about his feelings for you

If you’ve ever dated an emotionally unavailable man, you know what I mean when I say he’s confused about his feelings for you.

Men are not usually shown much understanding when it comes to expressing their emotions, leading them to emotional trauma.

Even if he wanted to understand his feelings, he wouldn’t know how.

You are a huge riddle for him and he doesn’t know how to solve this riddle.

This causes confusion. He’s not sure how he feels about you, but he’s sure that you’re special to him.

When a guy calls you special, that’s very important because it gives you power especially if they’re someone who has been emotionally unavailable for so long and couldn’t picture themselves in a long-term relationship.

He wants you to know that you’re making him feel something even when he’s not knows what that ‘something’ actually is.

5. It’s a manipulation tactic

Just thinking about it sends chills down my spine. Some men will use any weapon they can to get a girl.

There are manipulative men who will analyze you enough to know what words to use to get your attention.

If a guy calls you special, you can clearly see when he’s real and when he’s using you to manipulate you. Don’t fall for the latter!

He will likely touch you while saying this to establish dominance over you.

He may say it in a scathing voice that just proves he’s not worthy of your time.

This type of man is someone you’ve probably already told that You have no interest, but he persists.

Even if you start giving in after a while, please don’t let it go too far.

Yes, we can develop feelings for people who make us feel special, but if he uses them to manipulate you, no good will come of it.

Don’t fall for his kind words. You’ll regret it afterwards, I can promise you that.

6. If a guy calls you special, it’s because he wants you to know how much he cares about you

If it’s in the early stages of dating or you’re already in a relationship, it is a sign that he cares about calling someone special.

If a guy calls you special and you trust him when he says that, it’s because he really cares about you and he wants you to know that.

Sometimes words just can’t express how much we can love someone who’s so “special” always on the tip of the tongue.

He has met you and sees how special you are.

He’s probably not just saying this to get a favor from you, but to let you know how he feels.

There are people out there who use words of affirmation as their love language and they will always take that kind of compliment.

When you think anyone can say those words without meaning them , then look deep into his eyes when he says that you are special.

You will see his intentions even if he tries to hide them.

7. He’s grateful for something you did

When a guy calls you special, it can also be a moment of gratitude.

Have you helped him with a task he was struggling with? did you help him with something

Whatever you did for him brought joy to his heart and he is very grateful.

He calls you special because he thinks not everyone would have done it .

Maybe you stood up for him when nobody else wanted to? Anyway, you can clearly see that he really thinks you are special.

Few would have helped him and he appreciates your efforts.

It may or may not mean he’s developing feelings for you.

If you have a past that shows signs your relationship could be growing into something more , then he’s probably just taking another step towards something serious.

8. He’s willing to change for you

Very few people will let someone else influence them enough to be willing to change.

We always talk about it that people don’t change, that their essence is always the same, but sometimes that’s not true.

There are people out there who would change their bad habits on behalf of the person they love. So when a man calls you special, it may be because you really are someone he considers worthy of his efforts.

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This can happen to a man who is very uncommitted and to his few Adventures with women is known.

Calling someone special isn’t a very common flirting technique, so he wouldn’t have used it with other women.

He calls you special because you make him believe in love again.

You’re the one he wants to spend all his time with and you’re the one who showed him that he shouldn’t be afraid of his feelings.

Do all those things makes you special to him and he appreciates that.

No one has made him feel that way before you. He just never wanted to change for anyone else until he met you.

This is a great achievement to be proud of. You really are special when you can show a man that love isn’t that scary after all.

You’ve been patient with him and loved him through all the ups and downs, that’s why he chose you and that’s what he means when he calls you special.

9. When a guy calls you special it’s because you’re different from other girls

Do you have your own quirky traits? Do you like things that are out of the ordinary?

You need to be someone who stands out in a huge crowd and that’s what drew him to you.

When he says you’re special, he means it literally. You’re not someone he can find anywhere, anytime.

He knows you’re unique.

That’s what it means when this guy calls you special. He has seen that there is simply no other person who can match your authenticity.

He was fascinated by the way you speak, how you express yourself, how you dress.

Everything about you is so different than his and that made him realize just how special you really are.

10. Your relationship status will change

If you’ve been with a man for a long time and want to make things official but don’t know how to ask, look for signs that he thinks you’re special .

After a while, if a man calls you special, you should be sure that your relationship status will change in the near future.

They are probably just getting to know each other and are looking forward to it They are both very excited about their future together.

The moment he calls you special, you should know that he’s ready to seal the deal.

This is his moment of realization and he wants you to make things official.

You are his special person and he is your special person. Always remember to remind each other.

Nonverbal ways of saying you are special to him

When a guy calls you special, he’s very vocal about his thoughts and feelings.

But what about the signs he thinks you’re special?

What about all those things that say you’re his special someone without a word being said?

These things are a little more subtle, but just as heartwarming.

1. He remembers all the little details about you

You have to admit that not everyone would spend their time actively remembering little details about you.

If you a Calling a guy special is cute, but when he remembers everything you tell him it makes you feel really special.

He doesn’t have a hard time remembering it, paying attention to every little detail and always making you want to talk.

This man soaks up any information you give him.

He records every bit of information about you because you are so important to him!

2. He always has time for you

When a guy calls you special, that’s great and all, but when he puts everything aside to be with you, well, that gets your heart pumping.

It’s just great to know that there is someone who changes their own plans just to spend more time with you.

If for any reason you have doubted, that you are special to him is just another sign that you don’t have to worry.

He cares enough about you to always make time for you. You are special to him, a privilege that not everyone will experience in their lifetime.

You are his special person.

3. He makes eye contact

There are people around you both, but you can only see his eyes on you.

He listens and nods to your stories and never loses eye contact.

If a guy calls you special, that’s nice, but whatever makes you feel something Being special to him is when you know his eyes are on you.

They could be on everyone in the room, but his eyes are on yours. It’s like he can’t rip her away from you for too long.

Even if something else catches his attention, it takes him seconds to return his gaze to yours.

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4. It reflects your actions

This is something very commonplace that you may have heard of.

When we are fascinated by someone or when we like someone, we tend to imitate their actions.

For example, look at how they sit when they are talking to you .

Is he leaning against you? Does he fit like you?

This is important information because we tend to only do this with people we feel a strong connection with.

When a guy calls you special and it does, while mirroring your behavior, it’s true. He doesn’t lie to you.

This behavior is very unconscious, so pay close attention to him.

5. He invites you everywhere

He and his friends are going somewhere? You know you’ll get a text message from him asking if you’d like to come along.

Your colleagues (including him) are all going to eat together? Well, you know he’s going to come up to you and ask you to join them.

These are little instances where you realize you’re special to him.

When a guy calls you special, it’s just words. However, when he actually shows you that you are special, that’s another matter entirely.

He probably doesn’t treat everyone that kindly. This behavior is exclusive to you and he doesn’t even try to hide his affection for you!

Right there is a man who thinks that you are very special.

6. He asks a lot of questions

You don’t want to know weird facts about someone who isn’t special to you, do you? That’s all you want to know about your special someone.

It may seem strange, but even guys who love to play with girls don’t ask many questions.

You ask just enough to pique your interest.

Nonetheless, if a guy calls you special and makes you feel special by always asking then that’s someone who means business.

He means business when he calls you special because you’re very important to him. He’s fascinated by you and he probably likes the things you talk about.

Not everyone has that effect on a man!


When a guy calls you special, you really want to believe his words. You want to be his special person!

This is completely normal and for him it is you.

The meaning of his words may vary depending on the context and person.

However, you are truly special and you don’t need a man’s endorsement for that. You are an authentic individual!

The only difference is that you are the only person it is special to him.

You know what I mean when I say we would do anything for our special someone.

We want to capture our special someone, we want to know everything about them.

That’s exactly what you are to him – special.

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