What color goes with brown pants? ???? With a small selection of a modest 8 colors you can already do a lot. Find out how here: ►►

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On this blog we already have a great summary of the colors that go with brown. This post raised questions about how to combine color on certain garments. What color goes with brown trousers – was just one of the many questions asked.

Of course, colored trousers are always something new and not easy to integrate into an outfit. But you can’t go too far wrong with the color brown, as it has too many color partners, as you may have read here. But a little repetition again:

What color goes with brown pants?

On some color palettes, the Color simply included in the achromatic spectrum. So means that it is on a level with grey, white and black. So you can certainly imagine that quite a lot of colors go with brown trousers. A small selection would look like this:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Tone in tone (monochrome)

Of course, color gradations and differences in brightness are left out . But I think it goes without saying that you can also combine different shades of other colors with different shades of brown. Where else is the joy of experimenting with color combinations.

So we can now get down to business: the right clothes for your brown trousers. Starting with the upper part, how could it be otherwise.

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The brown color is on trend!

What top to wear with brown pants?

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Now you know the right colors and color combinations. But which tops are the best? Well, of course, that depends on your personal taste. If your brown trousers are more shaping or tight-fitting – then try oversized tops. Jumpers can’t be snuggly enough, especially in winter.

So why not put on a really thick jumper. The best way to balance out the silhouette is with chunky shoes. The trendy dad sneaker is perfect for this.

Instead of a thick top, multi-layered looks are also interesting. For example, I like to combine a t-shirt, blouson and a jacket (e.g. leather jacket) for my free time. This keeps you warm even in colder weather and ensures a good eye when combining.

Perhaps you can also dig out that long-lost blazer, a matching blouse/shirt and a turtleneck sweater underneath. Does it seem overloaded to you? Then we are on the right track. Accessories are incredibly important to harmonize the many layers.

Belts, scarves, shawls, etc. can spread the focus on the layered look and make it look more like a harmonious and put together outfit.

Belt, shoes and the bag

What color goes with brown pants – you’ve probably found them by this point. Only the final little things are missing, which round off the entire outfit and make it appear as a unit. For men, there’s a little rule that fits right in: belts and shoes should be the same color.

And while rules are born to be broken, I quite often rest on my laurels. A pair of shoes that match your belt aren’t bad at all, even if it gets a bit awkward in some situations. If you would now like to carry a bag with it, you can try to match it with your shoes and belt (if you have one).

If you don’t feel like it because, for example, your top is already the same color, then try a complementary color. This puts the bag in the foreground and just looks incredibly good. Are you wearing green shoes and a green top with your brown trousers? Then try it with a really red bag (whether it’s a backpack or a messenger/handbag). Stunning!

brown combine brown clothes together harmoniously

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Now it’s time for you to try things out, clear out your closet and, if necessary, buy new pieces. Yei Shopping! (Ok, that had to be done now.) If you don’t really dare to try all the color combinations, then try these three here. They are my personal favorite when it comes to the color brown:

1. Combine brown and black

A very simple way to get rid of this “safety color” black. Brown often gives a much softer contrast and just looks more fashionable than black. Everyone can do black – so slowly try something new.

2. Combine gray and brown

Grey. For real. How original. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the color gray for a long time. She was always associated with desolation and rainy days. But meanwhile, gray has emerged as a pretty noble companion. Just like brown, it’s a welcome change and far more fashionable.

3. Combine brown and blue

Here is a little prediction for the coming year. While for a long time we were content with the achromatic colors, this year we got a sense of color again. With the colors brown and green, people slowly felt their way back into new and well-known realms. But now in winter you can already see a new color on the horizon – literally. We’re talking about blue.

Baby blue or light blue in particular is magically attracting many fashionistas (a light blue coat in winter just looks fabulous). Accordingly, there is no harm in playing with the entire spectrum of blue. In addition, there is also a lot of choice for men, since they like to stay in the navy area.

Further knowledge for you:

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What color goes with gray pants?< p class="ez-toc-section-end">

A very important factor when combining gray trousers is the shade itself. Gray shows so many nuances so that you can find everything between light gray and anthracite grey. So decide beforehand whether you want to create a summer outfit or are looking for an outfit for the winter. In summer, of course, we want to unpack the light colors and don’t need dark grey. Read more here!

To combine brown

Beige, taupe, toffee, tan, khaki and and and can be perfectly harmonized with black. You can even find great examples of this in nature. Leopard patterns are a kind of combination of brown and black. With an animal print you can also easily implement the color combination. While all-black clothing may seem rather boring and rather nondescript,… Read more here!

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