“Hostiles and Calamities” is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the 94th episode of the entire series. It was written by David Leslie Johnson and directed by Kari Skogland. The episode originally aired on February 26, 2017…

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We are Negan

Season 7 – Episode 11


Original title:

Hostiles and Calamities


26. February 2017

27. February 2017


Kari Skogland


David Leslie Johnson





New Best Friends

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“We Are Negan” (Originally: “”) is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of AMC‘s and the 94th episode of the entire series. It was written by David Leslie Johnson and directed by Kari Skogland.

The episode originally aired on February 26, 2017 on the US television networkAMC. In German-speaking countries, the first broadcast will take place on February 27, 2017 on the pay channel FOX.


Negan returns with his followers as well as Eugene as a hostage from Alexandria. Eugene must now navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world of the Saviors compound. Meanwhile, Dwight discovers that Daryl has escaped. How will Negan react to this?


A group of Saviors led by Dwight discover that Daryl has escaped. At the same time, others arrive at the Saviors’ camp with Eugene as a hostage. Dwight is on the hunt for clues and Eugene cries in fear, but is only taken to a nice room and freed from his bonds. Dwight finds the note that says “Go now,” while Eugene is surprised that he can make a wish for food. Eugene is left alone and locks his room for now. He then looks around the room and turns on the music, Dwight looks at the note and puts it away when there’s a knock on the door. A couple of men come in and beat him up while Negan looks on.

Dwight is in custody and Negan explains through the door that Sherry left just after Daryl left. It also made it easier for him to escape. Dwight explains that it wasn’t Sherry. Negan asks if it was him, so it wasn’t Daryl that broke him, but Daryl. Negan asks who Dwight is and he replies that he is Negan. The door then opens and Negan says that Daryl will either go home or come back to kill Negan and Dwight. Dwight should bring the sherry back for now. Shortly thereafter he is at the doctor and is treated. The doctor says it could have been Sherry, but is also surprised that she first marries Negan to save her husband, but then just disappears. Dwight goes in search of Sherry.

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Eugene gets a tour of the warehouse. Finally, he is brought to Negan, who is standing outside the cage with the walkers. Negan introduces his people, who all introduce themselves as Negan. Negan shows him Lucille and explains that he should actually kill him for it, but wants to know if he’s a bright guy. Eugene explains that he found a hardware store and knows how to make bullets. He also reads a lot. He goes on to explain what he was doing before the plague. Finally, Negan wants to know how to make sure that the walkers, which work as a defense, don’t eventually collapse. Eugene explains that he saw that they apparently had a smelter available and they could pour lead on the chained walker. This keeps the body stable and can even protect the head. Negan is thrilled and wants to reward him with his wives. He should have a nice evening with them without sex. Eugene thanks him and can go.

Eugene plays on the computer while the women are bored. One offers a massage, but Eugene declines, knowing they don’t want to be here. They eventually ask him to chat about his past work, but Eugene says it would be top secret. They ask if he’s the kind of guy who could just build a bomb and Eugene replies what he would need for that. They get the things and Eugene starts to tinker. Eventually, Eugene presents his experiment and the girls are thrilled.

Dwight is at a house he suspects sherry is in. There he finds an old picture of them and remembers that this is where they would meet if they ever lost each other. He looks around the apartment, finds a note and compares the writing with the note Daryl had received. The g looks the same. He finally finds a note that comes from Sherry. In it, she explains that because of her, he became the person he didn’t want to be. She let Daryl go because he only reminded him of old Dwight. She is aware that she will hardly be able to get through it alone, but she doesn’t want to go back because Negan is worse than being dead. She very much hopes that he will also realize this and that he will also leave. She apologizes for making him the kind of person she is and says goodbye. Dwight has tears in his eyes.

Eugene is playing the computer again when there is a knock on the door and two of the women want to speak to him without Negan’s instructions. They ask him for help about Amber, Negan’s third wife, who just got drunk yesterday. Unlike the two, Amber did not voluntarily choose to be Negan’s wife. Now she suffers from the situation. She only does it so her mother can get medicine, but she can’t handle it. She wants to kill herself, fall asleep and never wake up. Eugene should mix something. The girls make sure she doesn’t wake up transformed in the night. The women think that Eugene is one of the few good people left, but he doesn’t see himself as good. He could definitely make something like that, but he doesn’t want to. But they make it clear to him that she will kill herself anyway and then maybe hurt someone else. He asks her weight and guarantees a lethal dose, resulting in instant death.

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Eugene wants to get some medicine, but is turned away because he should wait in line. He wants to do this at first, but then changes his mind, explaining that as chief engineer he reports directly to Negan and that she should do what he tells her. She apologizes and gives Eugene what he wants. Eugene makes the capsules. Meanwhile, Dwight is back and explains to the Doctor that he killed Sherry when she ran into several walkers while trying to escape from him.

Eugene is called to a meeting at the forge. Negan found a note in the Doctor’s drawer that said “Goodbye Honey” and Negan now believes that he released Daryl to play Sherry’s hero. The doctor denies everything, but Negan explains that Dwight can confirm everything. Since he doesn’t get anything out of lying to Negan, he believes him more than the Doctor. He now gets his punishment with the iron. Eugene is forced to watch. The Doctor begs Negan not to burn him, and Negan demands a confession. When the doctor hands it to him, he puts down the hot iron, is satisfied, and then throws it straight into the fire.

Eugene is back at the computer when Negan’s wives come back in. They ask him about the pills and he confirms that but also says he won’t give them to them. Eugene says he knows they’re for Negan. They want to blackmail him and expose him to Negan and make it look like he wants to kill Negan with the pills, but Eugene is calm because Negan is more likely to believe him because, unlike them, he is irreplaceable. In reality, however, he is simply afraid and the women leave disappointed.

There is a knock on Eugene’s door and Negan enters. He wants to know if Eugene is happy. His wives rave about him. He wants to make sure not everyone gets treated as well as Eugene. He no longer needs to be afraid. He should only answer one important question. Before he can even ask what his name is, Eugene replies that he’s Negan and always has been, only now that his eyes have been opened.

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Eugene directs the workers to douse the first walker with lead when Dwight walks up and asks if he’s on board. Eugene agrees, saying that he is Eugene, he is Dwight and she is Negan.




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