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Vaughn Light – If You Leave (Lyrics) ????

  • Author: Taj Tracks
  • Post date: 2019-07-27
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  • Match search results: Vaughn Light – If You Leave (Lyrics) ????

    Vaughn Light:

    Vaughn Light – If You Leave (Lyrics) ????

When will you leave? or When do you leave?

  • Author: forum.wordreference.com
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  • Match search results: Hi, All.
    Can anyone tell me the difference beteween “when will you leave?”and “When do you leave?”. Do these two sentences suggest the future?


when are you leaving – Translation into French – examples English

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  • Match search results: Translations in context of “when are you leaving” in English-French from Reverso Context: Roberto, when are you leaving for Rome?

Question 16: When are you leaving _________ Hanoi?

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  • Match search results: leave for: to leave

When are you leaving? When do you leave?

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  • Match search results:

What is the difference between “when do you leave” and “when are you leaving” ? “when do you leave” vs “when are you leaving” ?

  • Author: hinative.com
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  • Match search results: Synonym for when do you leave “When do you leave?” And “when are you leaving” actually have basically the same meaning. From my experience when you use these phrases is the main difference and that depends on context. “When do you leave?” I hear it less commonly in general, but when I hear it most is as a response to someone. Ex. 1: Person 1: what time are you leaving? Person 2: 5:30, when do you leave? Ex. 2: Person 1: when are you leaving? Person 2: I’m leaving at 4:00, when do you leave? “When are you leaving” I hear this a lot more commonly and can be used like the previous phrase or as the first question rather than just a response. Ex.: Person 1: When are you leaving? Person 2: 7:00, When are you leaving? Again the meanings are very similar and if used in a different order or context than what I said will still make sense I believe it would just sound a bit more weird. That was actually a lot sorry. I hope this was helpful to you though : )

“When will you be leaving” vs “When will you leave”

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