A tomahawk steak is scary big, but not difficult to grill. In the video we explain what you have to pay attention to.

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The tomahawk is one of the most epochal cuts of beef possible. The distinctive rib bone has little effect on the taste, but ensures that the steak usually takes on a mighty proportions that many still shy away from. Who should eat that and how do you grill such a giant steak to perfection? We explain it to you.

Where can I buy a perfect tomahawk steak?

Of course we recommend our own product at this point – because we are extremely convinced of the quality of this tomahawk steak: On our Fleischglück marketplace we offer you Fabulous Tomahawk from Pinzgauer cattle – an old breed with extremely tender meat fibers and an intense taste. This isn’t just the next best piece of meat we came across, it’s a very special tomahawk steak. You can find all information and ordering options here.

It’s the long rib bone that has made the tomahawk steak world-famous on the grilling scene. Among the steak cuts, it is the show-off, the braggart with an archaic look that no other steak offers. The tomahawk steak is actually nothing more than a ribeye, in which the rib bone was simply allowed to remain in full length. As with the cote de boeuf, only evenly to the end of the rib. Pure show? no! The longer bone does not matter in terms of taste, but it does make the meat connoisseur aware of the size of the animal he is eating. We find that every feature of meat that is reminiscent of the basic animal product contributes to more conscious consumption. That’s why the bone on the tomahawk is definitely justified.

Our equipment recommendations

To ensure that your premium tomahawk gets maximum appreciation on the grill, here are our recommendations for preparation on the grill and in the pan (affiliate links)

  • Our absolute favorite grills are the Big Green Egg and the Beefer span> – this is our favorite way to grill.
  • For really good roasted aromas on the stove, we recommend this steak pan from Rösle. It ensures ingenious branding, distributes the heat evenly and withstands extremely high temperatures.
  • For frying, be sure to use a high-heat vegetable oil like this from Biskin – this will give you the best crust without burning the fat.

What makes a good tomahawk steak?

Since the tomahawk is the ribeye with bones, you can definitely expect a nice marbling from it – because it is usually very well pronounced in the ribeye. The tomahawk should also be dry aged for at least four weeks – preferably longer. Its position in the back, protected by bone and fat, allows for dry aging of this duration. As a result, it should be intensely dark red and have a tender bite – two effects that MUST occur during the maturing of good base material. The taste should be mild and nutty, due to the enzymatic activities of dry aging. Our recommendation? Check out this tomahawk steak from Zeberl & Freyberger. It comes from Pinzgauer cattle – an old breed with outstanding meat quality. The posture is perfect, as is the finishing by Dirk Freyberger.

Where does the beef tomahawk steak come from?

The back of the cow runs from the back of the body, above the hips, to the front, almost to the head. The back runs through different parts with different names. The flat roast beef starts at the very end, which then keeps expanding – with its characteristic layer of fat. In the further course towards the head, this fat cover is overlaid by another muscle part – the “Spinalis Dorsi” – one of the best muscles in cattle. The back part that results from this is the so-called “entrecote” – the piece between the ribs – literally translated from French. That former fatty layer of the roast beef then forms the characteristic eye of fat in the entrecote, which steak lovers appreciate so much. The entrecote runs further towards the neck and tends to become more and more marbled. Strictly speaking, the neck no longer belongs to the so-called “premium steaks” from the back and flows into the neck ridge. The actual end of the saddle of beef is usually defined by the end of the entrecote and the beginning of the neck.

The rib makes the tomahawk

Back to the entrecote. “Between the ribs” is a good cue when we talk about the tomahawk steak. Because: It is precisely these ribs that are at stake. The meat of the tomahawk is nothing more than the noble entrecote, then known as a steak as “ribeye”. It is held in place by the rib bones that attach there. The same cut is made with the tomahawk as with a ribeye, except that the bone remains attached. Incidentally, this is also the case with the chop or ribeye “bone-in”, only the long rib is sawed off there. The tomahawk retains a visible portion of the rib bone, giving the tomahawk steak its imposing and immediately recognizable shape. Since the thickness of the ribs defines a certain distance between the steak cuts, tomahawk steaks are always particularly thick. Holding a tomahawk in your hand is a slightly epic feeling.

Better one big steak than three small ones

“Much too big, I’ll never make it” is the objection that quite a few refrain from grilling a tomahawk steak. Our grill expert Steffen Schütze thinks it’s wrong: “A large steak for three is always better than three small steaks for everyone.” Why? If you grill large cuts like the Tomahawk to perfection, you have significantly more meat with a perfect degree of doneness. The little overcooked edge isn’t a drama on a tomahawk. With a 2.5 cm thick steak, on the other hand, an overcooked edge is guaranteed to spoil the taste.

We have made a video for you so that your tomahawk steak is perfect on the grill or in the pan. We grilled on this gas kettle grill. In four minutes you will understand what is important. And for all those who prefer to read rather than look, we summarize the most important points here:

Tomahawk steak: the basics when grilling

  • Let the steak come to room temperature (take out about 3 hours before grilling)
  • Preheat grill to maximum temperature
  • Salt the steak before grilling
  • Fry as hot as possible on direct heat
  • Turn once by 90 degrees while roasting for an ideal grill pattern
  • Fry the fat edges as well until they are golden brown
  • Cook medium rare at indirect, lowest heat (approx. 100 degrees)
  • Be sure to use a meat thermometer
  • Target core temperature: 55 degrees
  • Let sit for 5 minutes
  • Carve and place in the center of the table

The ultimate card game for steak fans

The Tomahawk Steak is also part of the Steak Quartet – a card game for die-hard meat fans that works just like the car quartet used to. 32 cards with very different cuts, from filet and roast beef to steaks that hardly anyone knows. All cuts are rated in the categories of tenderness, juiciness, flavor intensity, marbling potential and bargain factor. You can buy it for 9.90 euros at the Fleischglück marketplace!

Cook tomahawk steak to perfection

Fleischglück Editors

Invested in good meat and now want to cook it to perfection? Then follow this guide.





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  • Heize den Grill oder die Pfanne so stark vor wie nur möglich. Falls du die Pfanne verwendest: Gib ausreichend hitzestabiles Öl hinein (z.B. Sonnenblumenöl)

  • Salze das Tomahawk-Steak von einer Seite kräftig

  • Lege das Steak direkt auf die Hitzequelle (Pfanne oder Grill) und verpasse ihm eine kräftige Kruste.

  • Salze nun die Oberseite und wende das Steak, sodass es von der anderen Seite eine herrliche Kruste bekommt.

  • Now place the steak in an indirect heat pan (oven or indirect heat on the grill) at about 160 degrees.

  • Prick a meat probe into the steak from the side and push it towards the bone.

  • Now wait until the steak has reached a core temperature of 54 degrees. Remove from the oven and set on a slightly preheated wooden board to rest.

  • After about five minutes of rest, the temperature has climbed to 56 degrees. Now you can cut the steak and serve in slices. Salt and pepper a little more to taste.

Tried this recipe?

Let us know how it was!

This article was created in cooperation with Schickling-Grill. You can find out more about the Grill in the video here.

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