Discover a complete guide to the best resources to learn French: websites, French resources, collaborative platforms and French language checker applications.

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Summary: The guide to the best resources for learning French.

The French language is certainly not the easiest to learn if we don’t know it. For this reason it can be useful to rely on quality French resources and some supports of various natures to learn French easily and effectively.

You want to know how to learn French

Learning French when it’s not your first language requires a slightly different approach to the methods used in France. It is important to know the many rules of grammar, especially because of the complexity and specificity of Molière’s language.

Why learn French?

French is a language spoken in Europe but also in different parts of the world. France is a world power open to great cultural diversity and its language offers various business opportunities in Europe but also in the rest of the world. Thus, mastering French can be a real asset for professionals in all sorts of sectors (commerce, finance, commerce, import/export, etc.). It can thus open a certain number of doors at the level of commercial partnerships as well as professional development.

Learning French is not easy, most foreign students agree. On the other hand, if it takes a lot of effort to achieve this, we must not neglect support that it is possible to get French-language resources on the web.

How do you deal with the French language?

Learning a new language usually means connecting with solid basics, as the French language often includes very different and sometimes complex endings. Finally, French is a language rich in vocabulary that offers multiple opportunities to play with words, understand their meaning and use them in sentences and texts of various kinds. Mastering it is a real joy.

To learn French, it is possible to rely on resources to acquire the necessary knowledge to master this language. The internet is a great tool when it comes to learning and studying in multiple fields. Learning French can therefore be a very interesting solution, even if other material resources can play an important and complementary role.

Discover complete and varied places to assimilate the French language

Through this selection of sites it is possible to discover all aspects of the French language such as grammar, vocabulary, expressions or the principles of conjugation. These pages target French content and resources for adult students.

The Bonjour de France website provides Internet users with a series of training sheets ready for use and exploitation. They can then be offered to students or simply worked independently to better process the different aspects of the French language thanks to very different categories of progress: beginner, intermediate, autonomous, advanced and expert. The files are very numerous and offer both working methods and exercises of various kinds designed to help students to make progress.

The FLE point (French as a foreign language) offers thousands of useful links to learn French but also to teach it to other people. Exercises, lessons, tests, fundamentals… It is possible to have qualitative and complete resources to learn French through different topics and lessons learned by experts in this language. Dozens of themes are offered. Some of them are related to family, colors, shapes, the human body, food, work and the professional world, images, history and more. This site is very complete and very rich in French language resources.

Le Conjugueur Le Figaro

As the name suggests, the conjugueur proposed by Figaro allows to conjugate any verb in French and easily obtain all the degrees, all the tenses and the moods present. It’s a fabulous support for those who produce French texts or who want to learn the different combinations of different verb groups. The site also provides synonyms to expand their vocabulary and improve their understanding of the French language. In addition, Internet users can learn French through grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Finally, they can also find games and access a forum to communicate and help each other.

Despite its somewhat outdated look and a bit messy, French Easy website has very good resources to learn French and all its grammar. The explanations are very clear and perfectly adapted to all levels of French language learners. Many exercises are offered to users and are accompanied by their detailed correction. They can be activated by users to help them understand their mistakes and where they came from. It’s a very good tool to train regularly and make progress.

This internet resource is a European website designed to promote the learning of modern languages ​​across Europe. Many resources can be downloaded for free on the site. In addition, various books are designed to learn both French and intercultural subjects. It allows to locate France’s position in the European Union while immersing oneself in the country’s culture and its language. This is an ideal resource for those with an intermediate level in French.

The French online site is aimed at students looking for useful materials for self-study. You can therefore access resources classified according to the levels and the exercises you want to do. Among them it is possible to find some to write in French, read texts or even speak and listen to sentences. Learning tips as well as various activities and practical tools are available on the website. Finally, the site also provides links to resources and authentic documents, very useful for learning French and for supplementing your own knowledge. is a French language news and education site. It was developed by the Embassy of France in the Republic of Ireland in collaboration with the University of Maynooth and the Irish Department of Education. Although primarily intended for French-speaking assistants, it can also provide important information and educational resources for English-speaking students who want to learn French with relevant and effective documents.

It is a platform for learning different languages. It includes a wealth of linguistic content such as text and audio, as well as vocabulary learning tools such as exercises, dictionaries, performance monitoring… Tutors even offer discussion boards for custom fixes for platform users.

If you are a fan of private lessons but have often been disappointed. Preply saves you time and money. Various filters allow you to choose the teacher of your dreams. Extremely interesting if you are looking for a teacher who also speaks your native language. They can also train you very early or very late, depending on availability Price page has something for every budget. The most expensive are not necessarily the best.

The Franc Parler website offers testimonials from French-speaking readers and teaching assistants, as well as advice on obtaining documents useful for learning French. It was developed by French teachers from the International Organization of Francophonie. News, advice, tutorials: many very different resources are available directly from this highly respected site. is a collaborative website developed for teachers and students of FLE (French as a Foreign Language). It is possible to find internship reports, articles by contributors as well as didactic files. There is also a newsletter on the website, which is updated monthly by the Damascus Documentation Center. This letter is called “ TICE-ment yours And brings a lot of useful information to the visitors of the site.

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Assimilate the French language with a selection of videos and other media

In addition to lessons and exercises, you can also benefit from visual and in-depth resources to learn French. Podcasts, video, flashcards… Alternative resource websites are numerous and usually very well designed. In particular, they allow you to understand the language in a different way.

The site Podcastfrancaisfacile is both sober, organized and very clear. It allows to edit the main points of the grammar with explanations in French. Internet users simply have to click the “Play” button for an audio file to start automatically and the explanations provided to be sufficiently paced and adapted to the students. Understanding the explanations is very important, that’s why the French explanations that explain the lessons remain simple and adapted to a listening of the analytical type. Most aspects of language can be edited as adverbs, adjectives, direct or reported speech, conjunctions, expressions, comparisons…

If you are learning French, the YouTube site can prove to be an excellent resource. In fact, dozens of videos allow Internet users to benefit from the explanations given by teachers and other people of French origin. This resource is ideal for those who prefer to explain the lesson orally rather than in writing. In addition, Internet users are regularly invited to work orally and benefit from concrete examples of the pronunciation of words and expressions in French. This medium, which has been active for years, regularly posts videos that are followed by millions of people.

The TV5Monde portal is one of the best French learning tools not only for children and teenagers but also for adult students. In fact, the site is extremely comprehensive. In particular, it offers written resources, interactive or not, as well as videos on various topics. Sometimes presented in the form of webdocs, you can learn French using video reports on current events. Different stories are shared by French speakers and the videos are adapted to the understanding of people learning French.

The Memrise website offers various flashcards that are very easy to remember and very popular. They aim to help Internet users learn the French language by providing them with visual, enjoyable, clear and easy-to-remember tools. This is a website for people who want to learn French easily, with concert examples and easy to understand. In addition, the design and navigation of the site are very pleasant. These French resources are printable and transmittable anywhere.

Le Point du FLE is a large database that provides access to numerous French-language resources from different media. This allows internet users to access written content but also audio in French. Different types of exercises allow them to put their oral comprehension to the test: grammar, spelling, vocabulary or pronunciation exercises. This site is one of the best resources for learning French that you can find on the internet. It is aimed at students of all levels and from all countries. It covers all aspects of the language.

The site called “the pleasure of learning” was created by CAVILAM Vichy, which is therefore in France. It offers Internet users and students various resources in French such as educational sheets. Its purpose is to facilitate the use of various multimedia sources such as short films, songs, radio programs or internet courses. Your goal is to create French learning exercises. These resources are very useful for those who want to learn French in complete autonomy and have an advanced level in this language.

Le dictionnaire en ligne

Foreign language teachers generally agree that dictionaries are the best learning tools. Indeed, they allow searching for French words whose meaning or definition escapes us and all possible contexts. In this way, the crossword puzzles can be studied during a conversation, in a video or in a text. Thus, their meaning can be perfectly understood. There are many tools for translating words online. They provide clear definitions but also allow inserting words into sentences to understand their meaning. This resource is ideal for students who want to travel to France or any French-speaking country without worrying about a paper dictionary.

Have fun learning French

To stay motivated and continue your efforts, learning French must remain a pleasure and a constant amusement. Some sites offer learning French with creativity, a little humor and a touch of ease. Having fun discovering French also helps to assimilate it.

The French eLearning site provides access to free French grammar courses and also allows you to learn common phrases in this language. Internet users can find songs and flashcards to learn French in a different way, more fun and fun. Some will be surprised and amused to discover familiar expressions often used in France and in French-speaking countries!

The BBC TV channel website provides access to a wide range of content designed to make learning French easier. Dedicated to children, one of its sections allows users to practice, read and watch a lot of content in French. The BBC combines the pleasure of being informed and the news of the moment with learning to speak and write French. Many games are for adults as well as TV & Radio headings to understand the news in different languages. Resources are also available for grammar, vocabulary and French teachers in a foreign language. This page is very complete and therefore intended for different profiles of language learners.

Learning French while having fun is the goal of the Ortholud website. Fun games and exercises are posted online regularly, allowing those who want to give themselves access to a fun way of learning French. This new site deals with very unusual topics and unusual news. He invites his readers to ask questions that will allow further understanding of the proposed texts. This is ideal for internet users who want to understand all aspects of the language using original and diverse French resources.

The games of TV5Monde

Learning French, like any other language, is not always fun. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to balance rest and relaxation with work on the language. There is nothing like fun games and activities for this. For this reason, the TV5Monde website offers a section entirely dedicated to games, which also offers activities such as quizzes and word catchers. All of these resources are adapted to different learning levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Thus, all Internet users can make progress without feeling it.

Thanks to the “French and you” section, the Cia France website offers Internet users a multitude of interesting games and exercises to practice their knowledge of the French language. It offers timed QCMs, games called “Parachute Roger” or “Stop the Train” but also other activities. They are all playful and interactive, allowing for a pleasant immersion for players and students of the French language. It contains texts to complete, words to slide, phrases to discover and various other activities.

This page is a blog with educational goals for trainers of FLE. The resources provided may also be useful for French students of a sufficiently advanced level. The site uses a particularly offbeat and fun tone. It offers turnkey activities with authentic documents and various working media. New resources are regularly posted online, allowing students to progress quickly and learn effective study techniques as the weeks go.

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Perform your accent and train to speak like a real Frenchman

Knowing how to form sentences in French and understanding what other people are saying are two concepts that are part of learning French. But students who want to master this language must also master their spoken French. Your pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences is important. Various websites and resources online make it possible to work on this crucial point.

The TV5Monde site once again stands out for the precision of its content and the quality of the resources offered to learn the French language. Various memos are available, all accompanied by a video dedicated specifically to the pronunciation of a sound. Thus, French language students can easily understand the issue of their mastery of the French accent and the various sounds present. These little cards have a lot of detail. They are easy to understand and accessible at all levels.

French is a language that is quite difficult to assimilate and for which any exercise will be useful. Working on the pronunciation of words is very important if you want to learn French and be understood by Francophones. The “Phonetic” page therefore offers Internet users the opportunity to work on the different letters of the alphabet and their pronunciation. Exercises should be carried out in self-study. They aim to help students master the pronunciation of the specific sounds of the French language.

The Fleenet website is also intended for students of French in a foreign language. It provides many video and audio sources. The aim is for them to be able to work on their pronunciation of words and sounds characteristic of the French language. This gives them the opportunity to perfect their accent. You can edit songs, lyrics, radio programs, dialogues or even speech synthesizers. The variety of content is the richness of this site.

Acapela is a site dedicated to the pronunciation of texts written in French. It allows students to listen to a text they have written. This gives them the ability to quickly and easily edit the words and phrases of their choice. The site will also redirect to videos and interactive content.

Tripod is a website that offers phonetics courses for beginners. The exercises he puts online are interactive and benefit from specific answers. Various categories can be edited on this website. He prefers the sound work of the French language and the understanding of its peculiarities.

This site provides self-correcting phonetic exercises for students of all levels. The site also depends on the prestigious University of Hong Kong. Internet users can access various forms. You can study the sounds of French, the nasal vowels. But also the sequences, the combinations, the consonants, the pronunciation of the vowels… The aim of the site is therefore to offer complete courses in the pronunciation of the letters, words and sounds of the French language. Each sheet is divided into many very complete exercises that allow deep learning of the French accent.

The YouTube platform not only offers videos of French language lessons, but also an excellent support to learn French better. But also to improve his accent. Just search for the sound, links or letters you want to pronounce. Then users can easily get all kinds of videos related to the topic. For this reason it is possible to work with concert examples. However, it is necessary to privilege the contents detected and resulting from serious chains. However, on YouTube, tutorials in this area are usually well designed.

Learn French with mobility thanks to smartphone apps

Many applications have sprung up around the world. Many offer to learn different languages ​​with ease and joy. Among them are applications dedicated to learning the French language. Others offer French in their large foreign language catalogues.

Babbel is an application that is known and used all over the world. She offers to learn French like many other languages. Many users appreciate this application. They usually give it the best ratings and comments. The application offers lessons developed by experts of the French language. It is possible to find useful and relevant programs, as well as great ease of use. It’s available on both Android and iOS, and full programs aren’t free. However, they are very complete and can progress anywhere and very quickly. According to users, this small investment can be a good option.

Voltaire Project

Projet Voltaire is also an application to enrich your command of the French language. It guides users in learning the many grammar rules. It is also available on all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). A website completes this application. The latter is also called “Projet Voltaire”. This application offers specific methods to practice French. It also offers upgrades for students who need to take stock of what they’ve learned. On the other hand, it regularly receives very good opinions from many users.

(Iphone application, Android, Windows Phone)

The warm app

The application called “Cordial” offers quite specific free French lessons. Rather, they are aimed at those learning it as a foreign language. As such, it’s a perfect resource for learning French with mobility and performance. Cordial is divided into two applications: both offer French courses with around XNUMX activities and exercises. The app emphasizes phonetics. It allows students to work on the pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences in French. The programs offered are very extensive. It is available on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

(Iphone application, Android)

The conjugation

“Conjugation” is, as the name suggests, an application that aims to perfect the knowledge related to its users. And conjugation is one of the most difficult aspects of trying to learn French. Irregular verbs, the conditional past, the compound past, the changes in pronoun form… These elements are usually part of the difficulties that students face when trying to learn French as a foreign language. Lots of information is available. They concern the modes (indicative, subjunctive …), the tenses, the passive voice or the active voice, the groups and the forms. The whole thing is accompanied by various conjugation exercises to put into practice the theoretical knowledge presented in the application.

(Iphone application,Android)

The Larousse dictionary on mobile phones

Some students travel, travel or stay in France. You can also visit a French speaking country. In this case, it is common to find words that cannot be identified. Or to understand certain expressions. In this case, having a dictionary about yourself can be useful, only that’s almost never the case. With the Larousse dictionary on mobile, users can access all kinds of information about the words they are looking for. Synonyms, etymology of words, related expressions. It’s a perfect tool to continue “thinking in French”. But also if you want to perfect your vocabulary any moment and anywhere in the world.

(Iphone application, Android, Windows Phone)

This application is based on the book by Jacques Beauchemin and offers more than two hundred lessons of French. It also offers different types of interactive tests available in quiz format. Millions of users have already downloaded the app, which regularly receives excellent ratings and comments. This is due to its versatility but also to the quality of the lessons offered and their ease of understanding. It is a very good tool for French language students of all levels.

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Educational resources for children

The internet is a powerful medium that gives access to many very interesting tools for learning the French language. Some are general, while others provide more focused instruction on grammar, vocabulary, or conjugation. Beginner, Intermediate or Confirmed: Any level will be considered. Some resources will also be appreciated by younger French language learners.

This page is intended for children traveling to France or a French speaking country. He brings a wealth of knowledge and reads, listens and shares resources to learn French related to travel. Exercises in the form of questions and answers allow the youngest to read and understand French while having fun.

This site is very rich in exercises is primarily intended for children who want to learn French and enjoy quality resources. Several skills can be worked on, such as reading texts, listening to content, writing or speaking French. The activities are always progressive in these four skills and are therefore adapted to each child’s ability and level. The design of the site is fun but very easy to handle even for the youngest. Activities are rated from 1 to 4 based on their difficulty. “Language Points” are provided to children to help them when they have difficulties. You can do them before or after the exercises according to your desires or needs.

This other website is also dedicated to young people who want to learn French with exercises and fun games. They can train according to their level: “easy”, “intermediate” or “beginner”. It allows children to play different games and learn the basics of the French language such as colors, months, animals… The richness of themes allows all children to work on issues that concern and interest them in order to progress faster.

The TV5Monde website dedicates a portal to learning French for children aged three to twelve. Many programs cater to different age groups such as 4-6 years or 5-7 years. They are particularly adapted to current events and offer all kinds of themes that are universally appreciated by children. You will be offered video tutorials, songs, fun comparison exercises and other fun and interesting activities.

Another TV5Monde portal is for young people from 13 to 17 years old. In addition to facilitating the learning of the French language, the site deals with current affairs such as information, projects, competitions, French singers of the moment to interest and capture the intention of young people.

It’s a website for kids and has a design that’s as simple as it is accessible. The exercises are very varied and allow children to learn French through games and exercises specially designed for them. They also have the distinction of being interactive, which allows the child to hear the sentences and read them to improve their understanding of phrase changes and their meaning. Many topics are covered such as colors, numbers, letters, family, animals, age, school subjects, weather, stories, the human body, transportation, passions and more. It’s even possible to download songs to listen to and edit other media.

The Carel


The documents offered on this site are the result of work resulting from a partnership between different professionals of French as a Foreign Language (FLE), such as teachers and trainees. It’s a set of resources that kids can download, print, cut, fold, or paste. These resources provide access to fun French language learning. Various games are available such as lotto games, memory, the game of portraits, a game of goose, another of dominoes … The purpose of these resources and to get children to use French to play and communicate around activities that entertain and interest you.

Translation for children

To quickly find the meaning of a word, children can turn to the famous Google search engine and its translation service. All they have to do is type an unknown word or phrase in French and get the translation in their native language. If the service is constantly improving, it can also produce bad translations and mislead. For this reason it is better to only translate the word and not a whole sentence. Translation allows you to quickly learn the meaning of a word.

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