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Standardized test: meaning, characteristics and uses

After reading this article you will learn more about: – 1. Importance of standardized tests 2. Characteristics of standardized tests 3. Usage.

Importance of standardized test: < /h4>

Standardized tests are carefully designed tests that provide consistent procedures for scoring, maintaining, and interpreting test results. A standardized test is generally administered by a professional tester or group of testers.

Standardized tests are not limited to use in one school or a few schools, but to a larger population, so many schools use this type of tests to assess their own performance, etc. in relation to others and the general population for whom the test was administered.

In general, these tests are “norm-related tests that measure students’ proficiency in various content and skill areas by comparing their test performance to that of other students in a general reference group.”

CV good:

A standardized test is a test for which the content has been selected and empirically verified, for which standards have been established, for which uniform administration and scoring g procedures have been developed and which can be evaluated with a high degree of objectivity.

VH Noll:

A standardized test is a test that is carried out by experts under has been carefully prepared with acceptable aims or purposes in mind. The procedure for managing, scoring, and interpreting results is detailed so that the result is comparable regardless of who administers the test or where it is administered. and norms or averages for different age or grade levels have been predetermined.

Sometimes standardized tests are misunderstood and equated with the provision of norms. It is not right. The standardization of a test is explained more broadly these days, although the presence of norms is a distinctive feature of a standardized test that helps interpret the results.

It requires more thinking, planning, precise preparation, evaluation, analysis and refinement. It is a complex and multidimensional work.

Standardized tests are those tests created by individuals or a group of individuals, processed and universalized for all situations and for all purposes.

A standardized test is generally accepted when its content is carefully designed, carefully worded and tested at the same time. Standardized tests are not prepared for a specific local situation, but for all situations inside and outside the educational institutions.

A standardized test goes through the following process:

(i) Standardization of content and questions:

The content and goals are weighted. Articles are to be prepared according to the blueprint. Relevant articles are included and irrelevant articles are omitted considering article difficulty and discriminatory value. Internal consistency is also taken into account.

(ii) Standardization of administration method:

The flow of test administration, the conditions for administration, the duration of the test etc. must be clearly stated.

(iii) Standardization of the evaluation process:

In order to ensure an objective and consistent evaluation, the appropriate evaluation key and a detailed Provide guidance on the assessment methodology.

(iv) Standardization of interpretation:

Appropriate standards for the interpretation of the results. The test is performed on a large sample (representative). Test results are interpreted with reference to standards. The derivation of standards is an essential part of the standardization process.

Characteristics of standardized tests:

Some characteristics of these tests are:< /p>1. They are made of high quality items. Items are pre-tested and selected based on difficulty, discriminatory power and relationship to clearly defined behavioral goals.

2. Since the instructions for administration, exact time limit and scoring are well defined, anyone can perform and score the test.

3. Norms based on representative populations are provided to aid in the interpretation of test results. These norms are often based on age, age, gender, etc.

4. The information necessary to assess the test value is provided. Reliability and validity are established before the test becomes available.

5. A manual is provided that explains the purposes and intended use of the test, briefly explains how it was created, provides specific instructions for the administration, scoring, and interpretation of results, includes tables of norms, and summarizes the available research data on the test.

No two standardized tests are exactly alike. Each test measures certain specific aspects of behavior and serves a slightly different purpose. There are some tests with similar titles that measure aspects of behavior that are significantly different, while other tests with different titles measure aspects of behavior that are almost identical. Therefore, one must be careful when choosing a standardized test.

Use of standardized tests:

1 . Standardized tests assess the rate of development of a student’s skills. It provides a basis for assessing the level of students’ intellectual ability strength and weakness.

2. It checks and validates a test created by the teacher.

3. These tests are useful in diagnosing students’ learning difficulties.

4. It helps the teacher to know the random factors of students’ learning difficulties.

5. Provides information on curriculum planning and tutoring for educationally disadvantaged children.

6. It also helps the teacher evaluate the effectiveness of their classroom and school teaching programs.

7. Provides data to track an individual’s growth pattern over a period of years.

8. It helps organize better counseling programs.

9. Evaluates the influences of degree programs, teaching activities, teaching methods, and other factors considered significant to educational practice.

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