I’ve noticed more and more in the last few days that everyone calls themselves Lady and Sir. Which is because I haven’t done that much with…

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Hmm, in the case of “Ladys” or “Sirs” the English-language editions of the books would really be interesting, but unfortunately I don’t have them.

Basically, it would seem strange to me if there were no difference in the form of address in a hierarchically structured society. Somehow doesn’t fit.
Andera’s suggestion to use the salutation with the caste designation? Well, if I transfer that to the European nobility (as an equivalent to the high castes), the alternatives would be:
a) Hello, Countess
b) Hello, Mrs. Countess
Variant b) seems more respectful to me (at least if ‘no name is used)

Scroll 5 (Gorean Etiquette) says the following about the question:

Free Women: Free women should be treated with great respect and honor. Considerable respect is owed to a free woman. Free women are free to speak without permission. They are allowed to be proud and do whatever they want. But free women should also be aware that they only possess their freedom through the will of free men. An Ubara or Tatrix should be treated with the utmost respect, as they wield great power in the city.

Lady: This is a title expressing respect for free women, especially those of high rank or caste. However, it is only used by free people, not by slaves.

End of quote.
Up until now, I myself have dealt with it by addressing high castes as lady or sir, and the low castes simply by name. But maybe that’s just the typical German Gesieze in my way.

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