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The Pied Piper lures the children along his flute . The picture was painted by Kate Greenaway and comes from a English book.

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin” is a German < span title="Say">Say. She is known, among other things, from the Brothers Grimm. It is one of the most popular legends from Germany, it has been translated into over 30 languages .

In the legend, the pied piper is a man who, with his flute rats attracts. But he doesn’t get paid for that. In revenge, he lures the town’s children with the flute and disappears with them.

Today it is believed that the saga actually consists of two stories: the catching of rats and the disappearance of the children. Scientists doubt that a flute like the ones available back then could actually attract rats. The explanation for the disappearance of the children today is that young people were lured away so that they could found villages and towns elsewhere.

What happens in the saga of the piper?

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An old postcard : The Pied Piper has lured the rats and mice out of the town and begs for his reward. The Mayor and the city council don’t feel like paying.

The city of Hamelin suffered from rats and mice: These animals eat up people’s food. Then a pied piper came to Hamelin. The mayor of Hamelin was delighted and promised him money as a reward if he could rid the city of rats and mice.

The Pied Piper walked the Streets while playing his flute. Attracted by the music, the rats and mice came and followed him. He led the animals out of the city. But when the Pied Piper asked for his reward, he got nothing.

A few weeks later, the Pied Piper came back to Hamelin to take revenge. He played his flute again, but this time girls and boys came running after him. According to legend, it was all the children of Hamelin who were older than four years. He disappeared with the children, who were never seen again.

What could be true about the saga?

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Many researchers have wondered if something from the saga could have really happened. In legends, people sometimes tell things that were important to them. In the legend, however, things are different, alienated.

The rat catcher is said to have come to Hamelin in 1284. That was in the high Middle Ages. At that time quite a lot of people lived in Germany and in the Netherlands. Some of them moved further east to live there. This is called the German East Colonization or Ostsiedlung.

The Pied Piper might actually have had a mission: the princes in the east wanted people from the West to come to to live and work with them. They sent out recruiters to persuade people to do so. However, these people were not necessarily small children, but rather young people, maids and servants who did not have their ownFarm had.

For a long time, some researchers believed that young people from Hamelin went to Transylvania. That is now in Romania, and Germans lived there for centuries. Finally, however, a researcher looked at the names of places. He found out: In Brandenburg, which was then in the east, there are some places with names reminiscent of the Hamelin area. This could be an indication that people from Hamelin settled there. They then gave some new places names from the old Heimat.

What do you do with the saga of the pied piper today?

A Foto from Hamelin: A man disguised himself as a pied piper. Children in rat costumes run behind him.

There are also stories about a pied piper from other areas. But it is rare that a legend also tells about the disappearance of children. Today the “pied piper” is a winged word, an idiom: when a politician promises people all sorts of things to make them follow him , they call him a Pied Piper.

Several films have already been made about the Pied Piper. In the Netherlands there was a very well-known television series for children, and later it became a musical. UNESCO looks after the culture of the world on behalf of the United Nations. In 2014, UNESCO declared the saga of the Pied Piper to be an intangible cultural asset.

The city of Hamelin in particular makes a lot of use of the Pied Piper legend to attract visitors. There in Hamelin there is a Haus that has been called the Pied Piper House for about 100 years. It got this name from a saying on the house that tells of the Pied Piper.

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  • Match search results: Answer (1 of 4): According to the story of the Pied Pieper of Hamelin, the piper simply played a ‘magic pipe’ – which is also referred to as a ‘magic flute’ or Zauberflote. What type of instrument did the Pied Piper play? Although the actual story is not specific, the chances are that the Pied Piper was playing a woodwind instrument much like a modern day flute or recorder.The story of the Pied Piper is based in the early 1200s, and pipe music was very popular during the medieval period.Musicians of the time would have been known as one of the following:waitsminstrelstroubadoursand the pipe would be one of their main instruments. The Pied Piper’s Pipe Determining what type of pipe the Piper would have played may be helped by deciding exactly what the Pied Piper was supposed to represent – and there are many theories about this.One theory is that he represents a heretic cult that led the children of Hamelin away to the hills, where they were all later killed by a landslide.Another suggestion is that the children were recruited for a military campaign of some sort.Another idea is that the Piper is meant to represent death itself – and, in fact, this is very likely: Death was often seen wearing ‘pied’ (a multicolored cloth).Based on this theory, one possibility is that the Piper was playing an instrument known as the ‘bladder pipe’.This instrument was often associated with death, and was popular in Germany, where it was known as the Platerspiel. The bladder pipe is very similar in design to a bagpipe.One final possibility is that the Piper played something known as a Cromorne (or Crumhorn), which is a hook-shaped woodwind instrument.

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