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In times of globalization it is becoming more and more important to speak several languages. This applies not only to private communication, but above all in everyday professional life. In any case, if you don’t speak fluent English these days, you have to put up with some disadvantages. This need not be. Thanks to online language courses, learning a language has never been easier. This does not only apply to the world language English. In addition to French, Spanish or Italian, online language schools also teach unusual languages ​​such as Mandarin, Japanese or Arabic. Whether out of interest in foreign languages ​​or for professional purposes – those who are interested can learn almost any language on the Internet.

In order to give our readers an initial overview of the online language courses, we have compared the services of 11 providers. The guide then provides information on how an online language course works and what needs to be considered when choosing the right provider. Finally, we answer some frequently asked questions and reveal whether there is an online language course test at Öko-Test or Stiftung Warentest.

< p id=”4-popular-online-language-courses-in-a-large-comparison”>4 popular online language courses in a large comparison

< h3 class=”notoc”>1. Babbel with repetition manager to consolidate the language knowledge learned

“Learn languages ​​with Babbel” – The slogan of the well-known online language course provider applies to 14 languages: English, business English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Turkish and Indonesian. Learning is based on exercises in everyday situations. Vocabulary is learned using the spaced repetition system. Babbel offers a pronunciation test and language courses for language levels A1,A2, B1,B2 and C1. Participants receive the Babbel certificate for a successfully completed course.

Individual offers possible: If you want to learn two languages ​​at the same time, you can contact the Babbel customer service Contact us and, according to the provider, you may receive a special offer.

Babbel bills you via a monthly subscription, with users having a choice of three tariffs – 12, 6 and 3 months. The longer the term, the cheaper the offer. Users can pay by PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit mandate, instant transfer, Apple App Store or Google Play Store. So that interested parties can get a first impression of what Babbel has to offer, the online language school is offering the first lesson free of charge. For good learning results, Babbel offers personalized learning and vocabulary training. The repetition manager should help to consolidate the knowledge learned. Thanks to the Babbel Travel function, users have the opportunity to visit language schools in different countries and to combine language learning with sporting or cultural activities – for example surfing, diving, cultural workshops, dancing or cooking classes.

Babbel’s online language courses can be used both in the Internet browser and via the language learning app. The course materials are available for download so that you do not necessarily need an internet connection to learn. For questions or problems, Babbel offers an FAQ area, email support and a telephone hotline. The hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

What is Babbel’s Replay Manager? Babbel’s Replay Manager is based on the proven spaced repetition method, which involves repeating learned content at ever longer intervals. According to Babbel, the function reminds you at regular intervals to repeat individual vocabulary and expressions. The intervals are set individually for each word and each sentence – depending on how often the respective word is repeated and answered correctly.


Does have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the online language school offers a 20 -day money-back guarantee.

Are payments processed via a secure SSL-encrypted site?

Yes, the payments are made via a page with SSL encryption.

Can the subscription be canceled at any time?

Yes, the Babbel subscription is not subject to a notice period. This means a 12-month subscription can be canceled in the first month. The user still has 12 months access to the portal and must pay the full costs.

Which credit cards does the online language course provider accept?

Credit cards from Master Card, Visa and American Express are accepted as payment methods.

How can I use the Babbel Travel function take?

Users can either put together Babbel Travel independently via a special website or customize it as part of a personal consultation via e-mail or telephone.

2. Lingoda – learn languages ​​in an online course – individually or in small groups

The online language course provider Lingoda offers five languages ​​– German, English, business English, French and Spanish. Teaching is live via video chat. This can be done individually or in small groups of three to five participants. The online language courses are available around the clock. According to Lingoda, the languages ​​mentioned can be learned at all language levels. This is guaranteed by qualified teachers with at least 2 years of teaching experience. The online provider issues a GER certificate for a successfully completed language course. If you have very good knowledge of English, you have the option of receiving a Cambridge certificate.

The language learning sprint: With the language learning sprint from Lingoda, you have the opportunity to do the above Taking languages ​​from beginner to advanced level in just 3 months. Depending on the language, there is a bonus: 50 or even 100 percent refund if the course participant has attended all lessons. Important: The language learning sprint is linked to a fixed registration deadline.

With Lingoda, the costs are not due all at once. Course participants book individual lessons. Alternatively, a monthly subscription is possible. Unlike most online language course providers, Lingoda does not use an app or website to learn. The lessons take place live via the video telephony software Zoom. The required course materials are available for download. If you want to try out what Lingoda has to offer, you can take part in a free trial week. Another special feature is the credit system for planning the hours. If you attend all of your planned lessons, you will receive credits that you can redeem for further course units at a later date.

What do I get from the GER and Cambridge certificates? GER is an abbreviation for “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”. This is a European benchmark for assessing language skills. The Cambridge Certificate is awarded by educational institutions around the world for excellent English language skills. Both certificates can provide career advantages through their international recognition.


Since when has Lingoda been around?

Lingoda has been around since 2012.

Can Can I cancel at Lingoda or change the conditions at any time?

Yes, according to Lingoda, you can cancel the language course or change the conditions at any time.

Can I postpone study hours?

Yes, study hours can be postponed. If canceled 7 days in advance, the student can reuse the course credit.

Can I book group courses with a one-to-one credit?

No, the credits can only be used for the type of teaching for which they are advertised.

Do I get my money back if the teacher misses the lesson?

Yes, if the teacher If you miss the lesson, Lingoda will refund you.

3. Busuu with lessons developed by linguists and educators

Busuu is an online language course provider where participants can choose between twelve languages. These include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic. According to Busuu, the lessons were developed by professional linguists and educators. They are built around useful topics and include grammar and vocabulary exercises to help users gradually improve their speaking and writing skills. A pronunciation check is available and all languages ​​are taught at levels A1 to B2. Only participants who opt for PremiumPlus membership will receive a certificate.

With PremiumPlus membership: Busuu has a PremiumPlus membership with special features on offer. Those who choose to do so will receive personal feedback from native speakers and access to an offline mode that allows learning without an internet connection. The PremiumPlus membership costs around 10 percent more per month than the normal membership.

Using Busuu’s language courses requires a subscription, with interested parties being able to choose between terms of 1, 12 or 24 months. Payment methods offered include credit and debit card, PayPal, Apple Store and Google Play Store. With Busuu for Business, the online language school offers language learning solutions for companies, schools or universities. This option includes various licenses for organizations and access to the associated administration platform.’s language courses can be used both in the Internet browser and via the app. The course materials are only available for download for PremiumPlus members. In the event of questions or problems, users can obtain information in an FAQ area or contact Busuu’s customer service via email.


Is the Busuu account limited to a certain number of devices?

No, the number of devices the user can use to access their account is unlimited.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, if the subscription is not cancelled, it will automatically renew.

Are refunds possible after a subscription renewal?</p >

No, if the subscription has been renewed, no refund is possible.

Can several languages ​​be learned at the same time?< /p>

Yes, with PremiumPlus users can choose multiple languages learn at the same time.

4. Rosetta Stone with Adaptive Recall function for repeating the learning content at the best possible time

The online language course provider Rosetta Stone offers interested parties the opportunity to learn 24 languages ​​- British and American English, Irish, Latin American and European Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, French, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. According to the provider, language knowledge is conveyed in the same way that children learn their mother tongue – intuitively and with a combination of words and pictures as well as listening and speaking exercises. A pronunciation check is not available for all learnable languages. We could not find any information on whether students receive a certificate upon successful completion of a language course.

Rosetta Stone Audio Companion: Users of this online -Language course providers get access to the audio companion. This is a program that users can download and use with any MP3-enabled device to use course content via audio file without an Internet connection. According to Rosetta Stone, it can be used to practice pronunciation, phrases, vocabulary, and other aspects of the language.

As for the payment model, Rosetta Stone users can choose between a monthly subscription or a one-time payment that grants lifetime access granted. A mid-three-digit amount is due for the one-off payment. The subscription is available with terms of 24, 12 or 3 months. Rosetta Stone accepts credit card, PayPal and direct debit as payment options. The adaptive recall function is intended to ensure that users repeat learning content at the best possible time. According to the provider, this function acts like a teacher. It assesses progress and uses it to determine when it’s time to repeat.

Rosetta Stone offers a range of language courses that can be used both via a language learning app and website as well as via a course CD. The course content is available for download so that students can study independently of an internet connection. In case of questions and problems, Rosetta Stone supports its users with an FAQ area, live chat, email support and telephone customer service.


How long does it take to learn a language using the Rosetta Stone Method?

According to the provider, the content of a level can be completed within 40 to 50 hours.

What is the difference between Spanish for Latin America and European Spanish ?

The difference lies in different dialects for the same language. The same principle applies to British and American English.

Which operating systems does the app of this online language course provider support?

The Rosetta Stone app supports Windows7 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, iOS 12 or later, Android 5.0 or later, and Fire OS 4.

Which internet browsers does the Rosetta Stone website support?

This provider’s website supports Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 4 or higher, Safari or higher and Chrome 11 or higher.

Is it recommended to use headphones and a microphone?

Yes, for languages ​​via To be able to learn Rosetta Stone, the provider recommends the use of headphones and a microphone. This enables the use of audio content and pronunciation check.

5. LinguaTV – teaches at language levels from A1 to C1

The online language course provider LinguaTV offers five languages ​​- German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. To convey language skills, the provider uses audiovisual information in combination with video material from native speakers. LinguaTV describes this type of learning as a blended learning concept. Thanks to the pronunciation check, participants not only learn to understand the language, but also to speak it. German and English are taught at language levels A1 to C1. The English for Intermediate section was last updated in 2021 with new video lessons. French is taught at B2 level, Spanish at B1 level and Italian at A2 level. If a language course is successfully completed, users receive the LinguaTV certificate.

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With five special German courses for jobs: LinguaTV has five German courses on offer that are aimed at specific professional groups. These include logistics, building cleaning, gastronomy, medicine and care as well as vehicle mechanics. There is also a German course for refugees.

Anyone who chooses LinguaTV as their online language course provider can choose between three tariff models – 12, 6 or 3 months. The longer the term, the lower the monthly contributions. Credit card, direct debit, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, Skrill and Wallie are available as payment methods. Thanks to several free lessons, interested parties have the opportunity to test the LinguaTV courses. The provider organizes regular meetings where users have the opportunity to get to know the LinguaTV team in person.

The language courses offered by LinguaTV can be accessed via the Internet browser. There is also an app for iOS and Android. Both in the browser version and in the app there is one free demo lesson per course as well as free placement tests. However, the tests are included in the paid premium accounts. Users can download audio files and video scripts for offline learning. To support users, LinguaTV offers an FAQ area, an advice area with video instructions and customer service that can be reached via email. According to the provider, customers also have access to a free 24-hour telephone hotline.

Compared to other companies, the LinguaTV app includes conversation exercises and, according to the provider, an intelligent repetition manager for vocabulary and pronunciation trainer. LinguaTV’s range of language courses has already received several awards, such as the E-Learning Award 2020 and 2022, the Learning Excellence Award 2022 and the Ed Tech Award 2020.

What is the meaning of the language level? The language level indicates the level at which a language is taught. It is divided into Level A for basic language use, Level B for independent language use and Level C for competent language use. Each level is divided into two language level classes. For an overview, readers will find a table in our guide under the heading “What language levels are there?”


< /h4>

What business English courses are there at

There are for professional development Courses for the tourism, IT and media sectors.

Which Internet browsers can the language course website be used with?

The language course website supports the Internet browsers Mozilla Firefox 5.0, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 5.5 and Safari 10.0.2

There is a free placement test?

Yes, LinguaTV offers a free placement test. It contains 15 questions and takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Do the exercises have to be completed in a certain order?

No, users can determine the order of the exercises themselves.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, this provider offers a 28-day money-back guarantee.

6. Memrise with subscription or lifetime access

Memrise is the online language course provider with the most learnable languages ​​in comparison. Users can learn 92 languages ​​- including all European, Asian, African and American main languages ​​as well as special dialects. Memrise’s range of language courses also includes extinct languages ​​such as Latin or ancient Greek or imaginative languages ​​such as Klingon. According to Memrise, several learning methods are combined to convey language knowledge. The most popular languages ​​such as English, Spanish or Russian are taught according to the learning-by-doing principle. A pronunciation check is available for all languages ​​except Slovenian, Icelandic and Arabic. Memrise does not mention whether a certificate will be issued after a successfully completed language course.

With explore mode: The explore mode is a function of the Memrise App that allows objects to be recognized using a smartphone camera and the name displayed in the desired language or announced by voice.

Memrise offers its users the opportunity to pay a low price for a one-time payment three-digit amount to get lifetime access. Alternatively, a subscription can be arranged, whereby course participants can choose between monthly and annual payment. Credit card, PayPal, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are available as payment methods.

Memrise’s language courses are available both via the smartphone app and can also be used in the Internet browser. The course materials are downloadable, making it possible to study independently of an internet connection. Memrise supports its course participants with an FAQ area and a ticket system.


Can users use the Memrise app and website on multiple devices?

Yes, the profile on and in of the app is synchronized and users can use it on multiple devices.

Is the subscription tied to a specific language?

No, the subscription is not language specific. With an existing subscription, course participants have the option of learning a different language than the one they first selected.

Does Explore mode support all smartphone operating systems?

No, Explore mode only supports Apple smartphones with the Apple operating system iOS version 12 or higher.

Include the learning methods of this language course provider have a reward system?

Yes, this provider works with a reward system.

7. Mondly – learn languages ​​according to the learning-by-doing principle

Mondly offers language courses in 41 languages ​​- including the most important European and Asian languages ​​as well as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Turkish. According to the provider, the language knowledge is taught according to the learning-by-doing principle and with the help of a unique repetition system. A pronunciation check for learning the correct pronunciation is available. The provider does not mention whether a certificate will be issued after passing the course.

Mondly-VR: Course participants from this language course provider have the option of acquiring an additional license purchase and use VR content in the


and on the website with the help of VR glasses.

Mondly offers some of its course content free of charge . If you want to access the full range of language courses, you can choose between a one-off payment for lifetime access and a subscription with a term of one or 12 months. Lifetime access requires a four-figure investment. Mondly only accepts the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as payment methods.

Mondly course participants can learn both on the provider’s website and via smartphone app. An internet connection is required as the course content is not available for download. If there are any questions or problems, users can contact the online language school via a ticket system.


</ h4>

Which VR glasses is the VR feature compatible with?

The VR feature only supports the Oculus Rift VR glasses.

Does Mondly have special offers for companies?

Yes, with MondlyWorks the online language course provider offers special offers for companies.

Is the subscription limited to one language?

Yes, the subscription is limited to one language.

Are Mondly’s language courses aimed exclusively at German-speaking users?

No, Mondly courses are open to native speakers of 33 different languages en.

8. Preply with free trial lessons

The online language course provider Preply offers its participants 24 learnable languages. These include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Indonesian, Serbian and more. The special feature of this provider is that the language knowledge is taught exclusively by private teachers. You teach the listed languages ​​at a language level of A1 to C2. After successfully completing the course, participants receive a certificate from their private tutor.

Payment is made on Preply via a fixed hourly wage for the private tutor. Depending on the teacher, the costs vary between single-digit and mid-double-digit amounts. Users can purchase private lessons in packs of 6, 10, or 12 hours. Preply only accepts credit cards as a payment option. Free trial lessons allow potential course participants to get a first impression of Preply’s range of courses. The lessons take place on the provider’s website via video chat. In case of questions or problems, users can find out more in an English FAQ area or contact the provider by email.

How do users find a good teacher on ? The course participants choose their own teacher. According to Preply, users should consider the verified status of the teacher, ratings from other students, average response speed, and overall teaching experience when making selections.


What time zone are the lessons on based on?

The decisive factor is your own time zone and the times that the student prefers to study. The website system will try to find the right teacher for the time.

What credit cards can be used for payments on this website?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express can be used on

Teachers must show certificates in order to teach allowed?

Yes, the teachers must provide official certificates in order to be allowed to teach on this site.

Which Internet browsers support the website of this online language course provider?

The website is with the Internet browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari can be used.

9. Jicki – language courses with musical accompaniment

Jicki is an online language course provider that is limited to six languages ​​- English, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian and German. According to the provider, the learning methods are based on the latest findings in language acquisition research and experience in the areas of superlearning or auditory learning. Jicki describes his own lessons as language showers. They will be accompanied by music, which should ensure a pleasant learning experience. This provider does not offer a pronunciation check to learn the correct pronunciation. Course participants do not seem to receive a certificate after successful completion.

Jicki on the ICE: Parts of Jicki’s language showers are accessible free of charge in all ICEs.</ p>

Jicki’s language course offering requires a subscription, with participants choosing between 1, 3, 6 or 12 month terms. The language students can pay via PayPal, direct debit, credit card, the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you want to try the courses before you subscribe, you can use a free trial period. Downloading course content for learning without an internet connection is possible. To support their course participants, Jicki offers an FAQ area, email support and telephone customer service.


Is there a money-back guarantee at

Yes, the provider offers 20-day money-back guarantee.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, if the course participant does not cancel, the subscription to will be automatically extended.

Can I turn off the music for the lessons?

No, users cannot disable the music.

Does Jicki offer special services for companies?

Yes, for companies Jicki offers special solutions regarding the number of employees.

10. Duolingo with a free language course offer

With Duolingo, the selection of languages ​​that can be learned depends on which language the participant speaks. German speakers can learn English, Spanish and French. Those who are fluent in English can choose from Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Welsh, Hebrew and Vietnamese. According to the provider, a combination of different teaching methods is used to impart language knowledge. Participants only receive a certificate for completing an English course. This costs a mid double-digit amount and according to Duolingo is accepted by more than 2,000 institutions.

Free online language course provider: The language course offer from Duolingo is free and includes advertising. The premium version without advertising costs a single-digit amount per month and can be tested free of charge for 7 days.

Duolingo accepts credit cards, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as payment methods. A special feature is that Duolingo participants have the opportunity to actively participate in the design of the language course portal via Duolingo Global Ambassador. Through the Duolingo incubator, users can help to develop new language courses. Downloadable course content for offline study is available to Premium members only. The language courses can be used both via the app and via the Internet browser. If there are any questions or problems, users can find out more in an FAQ area or contact Duolingo’s customer service via email.

FAQ< /p>

Are there any studies on the effectiveness of Duolingo?

Yes, according to a city study At the University of New York and the University of South Carolina, 34 hours of Duolingo is approximately equivalent to a full university semester of each language.

Can students study multiple languages ​​at the same time?</p >

Yes, on it is possible to learn several languages ​​at the same time. The number of languages ​​that can be learned simultaneously is unlimited.

Can I cancel the Duolingo premium subscription at any time?

Yes, the premium subscription can be canceled at any time.< /p>

Which smartphone operating systems does the app of this online language course provider support?

The app supports both Android – as well as iOS smartphones.

11. Lingvist – learning languages ​​using the spaced repetition system

Those who choose Lingvist as their online language course provider can learn English, French and Spanish. According to the provider, the course content is conveyed through a combination of several learning methods – including the spaced repetition system. A pronunciation checker is available to help you learn correct pronunciation. Lingvist participants do not seem to receive a certificate after successfully completing a language course.

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Costum stack function: The participants of this online language course provider are entitled the Custom stack function is available, which allows you to create a language course in a short time and adapt it to your personal preferences. Users can share courses they have created themselves with friends.

Lingvist’s language courses are partially available free of charge. Students who want to take full advantage of the offering can subscribe or get lifetime access for a one-off payment of a low three-digit amount. Those who opt for a subscription can choose between a term of 1 and 12 months. If the prices seem too high to someone, they can email the seller, tell them their story and explain why the price is too high. Lingvist promises to address each individual individually.

Lingvist course content is not available for download. The app supports learning without internet for up to 15 minutes. If you want to try out the part of the course that is subject to a fee, you can arrange a free trial period. To support its students, Lingvist offers an FAQ section and customer service via email – both in English.

FAQ</ p>

What credit cards does accept?

The language course provider accepts the credit cards Discover, JCB, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

What is the difference between the free and paid versions?

The free section has a limit of learnable words and limit of learnable words per day, lacks the specialty courses and word list, and there is no 1:1 customer support.

Does the subscription auto-renew every month?

Yes, the subscription will auto-renew unless canceled.

Can the app’s theme be switched to a dark mode?

Yes, the app has an adjustable dark mode with a dark background. It can improve the readability of texts and is easy on the eyes in dark rooms.

What are online language courses?

Online language courses offer a time- and location-independent opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​via the Internet. Language students can use the courses offered by most providers both on a website in the Internet browser and with the help of a smartphone app.

< p id=”How-do-online-language-courses-work”>How do online-language-courses work?

Each online language course begins with registration. First of all, the course participant must enter their personal data and a payment method. The language to be learned can then be selected, for which fees are due depending on the provider. This is followed by learning in different lessons.

Some online language schools have a test before the first lesson to assess the current language level of the student.

In an online language course, the vocabulary and grammar of a language are taught bit by bit. A personalized user window often helps to clearly display the progress made in learning the language. In this way, the student can see at a glance which lessons he has completed and where there is a need to catch up. Most providers can access the online course both via a website and via a smartphone app. There are a few online language schools that only offer one of the two options.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online language-courses?

Nowadays it is both professional and private important to know several languages. Online language courses offer the advantage that those who are willing to learn can learn the desired language independently of time and place. In this way, users can not only learn languages ​​flexibly, but also save a lot of time when visiting a local language school. Most online language course providers offer numerous languages. Anyone who already has basic knowledge of a language often has the option of choosing an advanced course.

Everyone learns differently. While one absorbs information best by listening, the other has to write it down. Online language courses address these differences by offering different learning methods.

A major advantage compared to local language schools is that taking an online language course is usually cheaper. Some providers even offer free language courses. The main disadvantage is that students have to motivate themselves in order to learn continuously. There are no mandatory dates. Private lessons are usually not possible or involve additional costs. A prerequisite for using an online language course is basic knowledge of how to use the Internet.

  • Acquired knowledge can be an advantage in professional and private life
  • Learning languages ​​independent of time and place
  • Can be started at any time – not tied to dates
  • Numerous languages ​​to choose from
  • Saves time visiting local language schools
  • You can refresh your language skills
  • Cheaper than local language schools – sometimes free
  • Different learning methods available
  • Course participants must s motivate yourself to learn
  • Private lessons are often not possible or involve additional costs
  • Requires basic knowledge in dealing with the Internet

For whom are online language courses suitable?

The most important requirement for completing an online language course is your own interest in learning a new language. Online language schools are a good alternative for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to attend regular on-site classes. Online language courses are also advantageous for people who learn less well through traditional face-to-face teaching. Participants in an online language course often have the opportunity to choose their preferred learning method themselves.

Which learning methods are used in online language courses?

Online language coursesEveryone learns differently. Many online language schools offer different learning methods so that each participant can achieve the best possible results when learning. We present the five most popular methods in the following section.

  1. Activating learning – AL
  2. Birkenbihl method
  3. Immersion: Learning by Doing</li >
  4. LAMP method
  5. Spaced repetition system – SRS

Activating learning – AL

Activating learning takes place in six steps and is intended to help students to learn independently and according to their personal preferences. Everything is allowed that helps the student to keep the learned information in his head. The basis of this free learning method is the so-called MASTER program. It consists of the following six steps:

  • M = Mental preparation: Creating motivation and self-confidence
  • A = Taking in knowledge: Visually or auditory, depending on personal preferences</li >
  • S = Search for meaning and meaning of what has been learned: understand and process what has been learned
  • T = Fuel for the brain: use memory aids and memory techniques
  • E = Use of what has been learned: knowledge regularly apply practically
  • R = Reflection on learning: How do I learn best?

The last step is the most important part of activating learning. It serves to constantly simplify the learning process and make it more effective.

Birkenbihl method

The Birkenbihl method is based on two pillars: The foreign language understand and speak them. In order to be able to understand a foreign language, the student must decode how it works. As a preliminary to speaking, the Birkenbihl method aims to integrate hearing the language into the learner’s everyday life – for example in the form of audio books. As soon as the acquired knowledge has been consolidated, speaking and writing is actively worked on.

Immersion: Learning by Doing

Language schoolThe aim of the learning-by-doing method is to learn a language like a native speaker. The student immerses himself in the language environment without prior knowledge and learns by listening, observing and imitating. In practice, this means that the student only expresses himself/herself in the foreign language while learning – without any translation. He is thrown in the proverbial deep end and is forced to learn the language in order to be able to communicate.

LAMP method

The LAMP method comes from from Canada. LAMP stands for Language Acquisition Made Practical, which can be translated as “practical language acquisition”. The aim is that the learner does not acquire the knowledge through dry rote learning, but learns through practical applications. The learning objective should be achieved primarily through everyday conversations or social interactions. The LAMP method does not provide for memorizing vocabulary or grammar rules.

Spaced Repetition System – SRS

The Spaced Repetition System corresponds to the classic flashcard system that is often used to learn vocabulary. This method is based on regular repetition of the learning content. The learned vocabulary is queried in increasing intervals and thereby strengthened. Vocabulary that the student has not yet internalized is queried more frequently.

Babbel is one of the best-known online language course providers and uses the SRS system for its vocabulary trainer.< /p>

Which learning method is right for me?

The right learning method depends on personal preferences, the learning goal and the time available on a daily basis. Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint. For this reason, choosing a learning method that you enjoy over the long term should be a top priority. Otherwise, motivation can suffer and learning the language can be quickly discarded. The following questions help when choosing the right learning method:

  • Are fixed, constantly repeating structures important or should the lessons be as varied as possible?
  • Preferably alone, in a group or learn with a teacher?
  • Are extensive explanations required or are short videos enough?
  • Do you want to refresh old knowledge or do you need the language for a trip or for work?
  • How much time can be invested in learning the language every day?

These questions can be used by those willing to learn to get an overview of the factors that they consider to be important in their personal learning methods are important. Based on these factors, they can then select a suitable learning method.

What are the different language-levels?

Most online language course providers offer courses for different language levels. They are important if what has been learned is to be used for professional purposes. In Europe, the classification of levels is based on the GER principle – the common European frame of reference. It divides language skills into three levels:

  • Level A – basic language use
  • Level B – independent language use
  • Level C – competent language use</ li>

The language levels are divided into two subcategories, resulting in six language level classes:

Language level Language competence A1Beginner A2Basic knowledge B1Advanced language use B2Independent language use C1Competent language use C2Nearly native language level

What costs can be incurred for an online language course?

The costs for an online language course vary from provider to provider. There are both free and paid providers. It should be noted that the offers of the free providers are usually less extensive. Participants in a free online language course usually have to put up with advertisements between the lessons.

There are different payment models for fee-based providers. There are both monthly subscriptions and one-time payments for permanent access and access to all languages. Alternatively, it is possible to pay an online language teacher per lesson. The monthly costs vary between single-digit and high double-digit amounts. If you want to acquire permanent access, you should plan a three-digit investment.

What is there to consider when choosing an online language course provider?

Learn languagesTo find an online language course that matches your own requirements, there are a number of factors to consider. To make it easier for our readers to choose, we have compiled the most important points. These include:

  1. desired language
  2. learning methods
  3. pronunciation
  4. lessons
  5. app or website</ li>
  6. Ease of use
  7. Price model
  8. Certificates
  9. Payment methods

The desired language

When choosing an online language course provider, users must first ensure that the desired language is available. Learning English, French or Italian is possible with almost all providers. If you want to learn a less common language such as Japanese or Mandarin, you should take a closer look when choosing a provider. Furthermore, users must pay attention to the language level up to which the language is taught.

The learning method

For the best possible results, it is important that the language course provider Offers learning methods that suit your own learning style. Language students should think about how they learn effectively. Who learns best auditory – i.e. by listening – should exclude providers who only offer visual learning methods.

The pronunciation

Anyone who does not If you only want to understand, but also to speak, you should make sure when choosing your language course provider that the correct pronunciation is taught. Many providers use speech recognition programs for this.

The lessons

Before choosing a provider, those willing to learn should get an impression of how the individual lessons are structured. If the lessons are only worked through dryly, it can be tiring or demotivating. Learning can be loosened up and made more interesting by using learning games.

Many online language course providers offer free trial months. This gives students the opportunity to test the offer free of charge and to get a first impression of the lessons.

App or website

Many online language courses -Providers provide their course participants with both an app and a language course website. If you want to learn mainly on the go, you should make sure that an app is available.


In order to maintain long-term motivation when learning, it is important that websites and applications are designed to be user-friendly. It is important to have a good overview of the individual courses and courses on offer. All functions should be easy to find in the teaching portals or the app, so that long familiarization phases are no longer necessary. An extensive help area with frequently asked questions and exercise explanations is advantageous. A progress bar within the lessons can help keep motivation up. It is also an advantage if the course material is available for download and can be used without an internet connection.

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Users should ensure that the error correction of the online language course is as informative as possible. While many providers only provide information as to whether an answer is wrong or correct, other providers indicate exactly where the error lies.

Price model and payment methods

As far as pricing models are concerned, there are big differences between the individual providers. First of all, it is important to ensure that the costs are in relation to the services offered. There are language course providers who charge monthly fees ten times higher than other online language schools. Furthermore, the desired payment model should be available – monthly fee or one-off payment. If you opt for a subscription, you should pay attention to the minimum term and the notice period.

With many providers, the subscriptions become cheaper if the user chooses a longer term. For example, the monthly fee for a 12-month subscription can be only half as high as for a one-month subscription.

Users of online language courses usually have several options to choose from as a payment method – for example credit card, bank transfer, instant transfer , PayPal and payment via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Payment on account is usually not possible.

The certificates

Anyone who wants to learn a new language for professional purposes should make sure that the provider issue a certificate for a passed course. The graduates can present it to the employer to prove their language skills.

What-well-known-online-language-course-providers are there?

Language coursesThere are many online language course providers in German-speaking countries. We briefly present three of the most well-known.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an American company that was founded in 1992 by Allen Stolzfuss, Eugene Stolzfuss and John Fairfield was founded. The company name refers to the Rosetta Stone found in 1799, which was used to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs. The range of courses offered by this online language course provider includes 24 languages, which are taught via app, website or CD. The opinions of specialist journals differ widely. While Rosetta Stone’s learning methods are praised on the one hand, the lack of grammar exercises is criticized on the other.


Babbel is a product of Lesson Nine GmbH from Berlin, which was founded in August 2007 by Markus Witte. In 2008, Babbel was launched as a free beta version for the first time. A year later, the European Union invested one million euros from the regional development fund in the online language school. This allowed Babbel to develop quickly and gain a foothold in the American market from 2013. Babbel can be used via the app and the website and teaches 14 languages. The online language school has been adapting its range of courses for corporate customers since 2017.

As an online language course provider, Babbel can look back on a successful history and numerous awards – for example the CSR Jobs Award im 2016, the Google Play Store award “Best of 2015” or in 2103 the “Digital 2013” award and the “Innovative 4 Society” award at CeBIT.


The online language course provider Duolingo was founded by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker – two PhDs in computer science from Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University. In 2011 Duolingo was put online in a closed beta phase and made public a year later. As of autumn 2019, around 300 million people have decided to learn a new language with the help of Duolingo. It is the most popular educational app in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

Duolingo has received various awards. In 2013, the app was named iPhone App of the Year and the company won the Crunchie award in the Best Education Startup category. In 2015, Duolingo was recognized as a winner in the Play & Learning” from the organization “Design to Improve Life”.

Frequently asked questions about online language-course providers</ p>

Finally, we will deal with some questions that are frequently asked in connection with online language courses. We hope that we can make learning easier for our readers with online courses.

Which languages ​​are the hardest to learn ?

Mandarin is considered the most difficult language to learn. It is a language of the Chinese language group and the most widely spoken language in the world. Also difficult to learn are Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean or Finnish and last but not least German.

What is the FSI Index?

FSI is an abbreviation for US Foreign Service Institute. The Institute divides the difficulty of a language into four groups for English speakers.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili, Bulgarian, Burmese, Greek, Hindi, Persian , Urdu Amharic, Cambodian, Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lao, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

How quickly can I learn a language?

How quickly a language can be learned depends on the student’s learning attitude, the time available and the feeling for the respective language language off. Research from the FSI suggests that it takes around 480 hours to acquire basic conversational skills in Group 1 languages. It takes about 720 hours to acquire the same skills in Groups 2 to 4 languages.

How hard is it to learn English?

For German speakers, English is considered an easy language to learn. A lot of English vocabulary is very similar to the German terminology. Being the world language, English as a foreign language has great benefits. English language skills can be an advantage for both professional and private purposes. English is used as the national and official language in 57 countries. Another 28 states use English as an educational, business or lingua franca. You can learn English online in just a few months.

How hard is it to learn Spanish?

Spanish is considered an easy language to learn. Spanish vocabulary is simple: there are no exceptions to every letter, which is why all words are pronounced the way they are spelled. Irregular verbs and the subjunctive tense can be problematic. In comparison, Spanish has fewer stumbling blocks than the German language.

For people who speak fluent English, Spanish is considered the easiest language to learn.

How hard is it to learn French?

French is placed in group 1 in the FSI index categorized and is therefore one of the easy-to-learn languages. For German native speakers, the correct pronunciation of the syllables is usually the greatest difficulty.

What are the common causes of frustration when learning a language?

Language learning appLearning can be fun or frustrating. In order to avoid frustration, language students should consider the following points:

  • It is not just grammar exercises that should be completed, as it is difficult for the student to develop a feeling for natural language use. It is important to actively experience and practice a new language in conversations.
  • Frequent reasons for frustration are a lack of motivation and the resulting lack of success. Students should regularly remind themselves why they originally wanted to learn the language.
  • Perfectionism can lead to frustration because the student feels stuck despite completing lessons. It can take years to learn a new language at a native level. Perfectionism has no place here.
  • Those who spend hours cramming and overexerting themselves risk losing their motivation. Human concentration is limited. Learning units should not last longer than 20 minutes.
  • One of the most common sources of frustration is the fear of using the language you have learned. Students should not be ashamed of making mistakes and regularly remind themselves that speaking a language has the greatest learning effect.

How does learning foreign languages ​​affect the brain?

Learning foreign languages ​​primarily trains two brain areas: the Broca Area in the left frontal lobe, with which a sentence can be constructed according to certain rules, and Wernicke’s area in the left temporal lobe, which processes the meaning of words and sentences. According to assumptions, the training of these brain areas can counteract the development of dementia.

Is there an online language-course test of Stiftung Warentest?

So far there is no online -Language course test by Stiftung Warentest. We aim to keep our comparisons up to date. Should an online language course test by Stiftung Warentest appear in the future, we will update our comparison.

< p id=”Has-Oumlko-Test-Online-Language-Courses-tested”>Has Öko-Test tested online language courses?

Öko-Test has not yet dealt with the topic of online language courses occupied. Should this change in the future and should the test magazine publish an online language course test, we will inform you about it here.



Android is an operating system that is used on smartphones and tablets.


App is the abbreviation for applications. An app is a program or application used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


iOS is the operating system used on Apple’s mobile devices.


The Superlearning was developed by the Bulgarian physician and psychotherapist Professor Lozanov. The learning method works with the use of music and relaxation exercises, while the learning material is presented rhythmically.

VR function

The abbreviation VR stands for Virtual Reality. With the help of VR glasses, users can move around in a computer-generated, interactive environment.

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