Study French with an intensive language program in France, today! Study French in France amongst native speakers and practice in your daily life.

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If you’re looking to take your French language skills to the next level, pursuing a French intensive language program in France could be a no-brainer! Being surrounded by the French language everyday could be just the practice you need to become fluent or improve upon your current foundation. Learning is only half of the Study French in France program! You could also live as the French do – engaging with their culture as part of your day-to-day life.

There are some key parts that could make up your French intensive language program in France. Including bits and pieces of the following could make for a perfect program experience!

First Off, the Education

Pursuing a French intensive language program in France could give you the immersive education that French studies in your home country have been unable to provide. Hearing the language spoken is a critical part of language studies – so hearing it spoken in the classroom as well as during your daily routine could be an intense form of study. You’re not just completing exercises and conjugating verbs, but testing your skills each time you read a menu, ask for directions, or chat with your peers. A French intensive language program in France is more than basic instruction – it’s being surrounded by the coursework 24/7.

Second – Your New Home!

Once you’ve boarded your plane to your French intensive language program in France, you’re headed to your home for the duration of your program. As you settle in, you could get the chance to meld with aspects of the culture that make France distinctly French. Depending on where you’re staying, that could mean a lot of things – not everywhere has the cosmopolitan culture of Paris! You could immerse yourself in Strasbourg in the Alsace region: due to their location, they have significant German influences in their food, arts, and architecture. Or, perhaps, you’d like to take part in the Mediterranean city of Nice, which takes many of its cultural notes from its location on the French Riviera.

Even though its regions vary, there is one unifying aspect of French culture: “égalité,” or equality. It’s even made it into the French motto, “liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Many French natives place the highest amount of importance on the aspect of equality. Students, no matter their background or country of origin, could participate in this community of “égalité.”

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Last, But Not Least: Adventure

In addition to a challenging learning experience, a French intensive language program in France could present you with opportunities for exploration and, of course, fun! During your time outside the classroom, why not consider some of recommendations:

  • Does eating count as a past time? It should! Especially when you have as many choices as you do in France. Try classics like beef bourguignon, foie gras, and baguettes and wash it all down with a glass of French wine.
  • The Eiffel Tower is an icon of France and not to be missed. There’s a multitude of ways to take in this sight: picnic at its base, take an elevator to the top, or view it at night when all of its shimmering lights come on. No matter how you see it, be sure to take lots of pictures!
  • The Louvre is home to hundreds of works of art, many of which you have seen in books, movies, and other media. Does Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa ring a bell? Well you might see it – in person – at the Louvre. Many French works of art also call the Louvre home: works by Monet, Matisse, and Renoir are on display. Not in Paris? Don’t worry! Many French cities sport at least one museum, often more!

This is only a brief sampling, though! France offers many chances to experience fashion, (more) food, beaches, and artistic and historical museums.

Of course, you’re not locked into just one country. You could take a weekend trip to countries like Belgium, Germany, or Spain to jam-pack your program with cultural experiences. 

Study French in France​ and Find a French Intensive Language in France

Are you ready to parle en Francais? If you’re ready to start looking for a program that places you in smack dab in the middle of European culture, look below! Browse the list of programs to see which ones best align with your personal education and study abroad goals. Found one? Great! Click through the link to request more information – or even apply! You could have a great (or génial in French) time during a French intensive language program in France!

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Top French Phrases for Travel you NEED to Know 🇫🇷[French for Beginners]

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  • Post date: 2020-07-29
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    Top 10 French travel phrases you NEED to know & How to Use Them! [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

    1. Bonjour! (formal) / Salut! (informal) – This simple means. ‘Hello’.
    2. Au revoir – this means goodbye, literally it means ‘to the seeing again.
    3. Merci – This means ‘thank you’. You can also add the word ‘beaucoup’. So, ‘merci beaucoup’ means, thank you very much.
    4. Oui / No – These mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively.’
    5. Excusez-moi / Pardon – both of which mean ‘excuse me’. The difference between Pardon and Excusez-moi is that Pardon implies you’re just asking forgiveness, while Excusez-moi often (but not always) comes with the idea of needing to get someone’s attention.
    6. Combien ça coûte? – which means ‘how much does it cost’? The most common reply to this is ça coûte….. Meaning “it costs…”
    7. Comment je peux aller à……? – which means ‘how do I get to…’? – This means ‘how do you get to…’? – Use a map to point where you want to go or try and say the name of the place with the French pronunciation. For example, the Eiffel Tower is, la tour Eiffel
    8. Où se trouvent les toilettes? – which means ‘where are the toilets?’
    9. J’aimerais… – which means ‘I would like…
    10. Tchin-tchin! or Santé! … – both of which means ‘cheers’. Santé literally means ‘health’ while Tchin-tchin! is a linguistic relic of the British Empire which comes from 18th century Chinese ”ch’ing- ch’ing” meaning ”please-please”.

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