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Peter van den Hoogen plans 23 Years started mit the development


and production of specific temperature regulated


Devices that had a relationship with temperature and were not standard on the market.

Peter van den Hoder Development

Peter van den Hooge n has started 23 years ago with the development


and production of devices which had a relationship with


temperature and were not available standard wise in the market.

Peter Development

The history of synthetic rubberhuks plans 1 years started, so Henriquez. < p class="source_url_spacer">

The history of synthetic rubber Henriquez.

The history of synthetic rubber started 100 years ago,” explains Henriquez.

The hit Henriquez.

Sonja plans 16 < /b>Years started B harathanatyam to learn.

athanatyam to learn.

Sonja started learni ng Bharathanatyam 16 years ago.

Sie have bereits started years ago, ihr business area


diversify to avoid imminent collapse.

Business area

Already some years ago they started to diversify their


business segments in order to be prepared for the looming economic collapse.

Verify their

Hier have wi< /b>r before < /b>25 years started . Mit around 1,000 employees is Magdeburg today


the largest German location that


is closely connected to Berlin and the head office in Frankfurt.

Today Magdeburg has around 1,000 employees

Magdeburg has< /b> around 1.000 associates and is currently the largest German location, with


close links to Berlin and the head office in Frankfurt.

associates and is currently the largest German location, with

With the Kitesurfen has er before 1 ,5 years started und is now


an avid and very good kitesurfer&.if


he still prefers windsurfing even in strong winds.

With the kitesuist in the meantime

He took up kitesurfing 1.5 years ago and has become an e< b class="b1">nthusiastic


and excellent kitesurfing instructor in the meantime&.


although he still prefers windsurfing in strong winds.


With compressors for Luft has it before 60 years ago.

With compressors for

It all began 60 years ago with compres sors for air.

sors for air.

The WIRSOL SOLAR AG plans to vier years started, den path of


renewable energy because we believe


that we are actively working on a future in which economy and ecology are in harmony.

The WIRSOL SOLA path of

Four years ago, WIRSOL SOLAR AG started off upon the road


of renewable energy, because we are convinced that we are thus


working actively upon a future in which economics and the environment are in harmony.

the road

With the Kitesurfen has er before 1 ,5 years started und is now


an enthusiastic and very good kitesurfer?

With the kitesuist in the meantime

He took up kitesurfing 1.5 years ago and has become an enthusiastic


and excellent kitesurfing instructor in the meantime?


Steve Rey andich plan to ein paar years started, jerrural meetings



Steve Rey dry meetings

A few years ago, Steve Rey and I started to organize annual meets.

ando organize annual meetings.

Er has scho< /b>n started years ago, in Chile Schoenstatt Priest Groups


and was later commissioned to do this for all of Chile.

Chile Schoenstatt Priest Groups

A few years ago he be gan to form groups of priests


in Chile and later he was charged with doing it in all the country.

m groups of priests



with his Frau < /b>has er < /b>before vi elen Years started, in the region


in addition to the social skills as an entrepreneur


to support social institutions with great commitment.

with itsthe region



with his wife, he began many years ago to su< b class="b2">pport social projects

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in the region not only with the social competence


of an entrepreneur, but also with great personal commitment.

with his wifsocial projects

Als “Paul


Binhold Lehrmittelfabrik hat das Unternehmen vor 60 Jahren angefangen, in der Nachkriegszeit


den Bedarf an einfachen


Modellen zur Ausbildung von medizinischem Fachpersonal zu unterstützen.

Binhold LehrmittelfabUnterneder Nachkriegszeit

The company began as the “Paul Binhold Lehrmittelfabrik”60 years ago to support the demand


for simple skeletons in order


to train medical specialised staff in the post-war period.

Thehe demand

ich liebe technik. alles was hightech betrifft sticht mir


ins auge. ich habe vor vielen jahren mit vinyl angefangen und ich liebe


es immer noch. es tut mir


jedes mal weh, wenn ich ähnliche fragen beantworte und sagen muss, dass ich langsam aber sicher immer mehr cds auflege. ich habe damit angefangen, weil ich meine neuen tracks spielen und nicht mehr auf die test-pressung der platten warten wollte, also waren cds die antwort. ein großer teil der musikindustrie macht dabei auch mit und bemustert zunehmend mit promo cds und wenn du eigene sachen draußen spielen willst, dann gibt es keine andere möglichkeit als cds zu nehmen.

ins auge.ich liebe

i love technology; anything high-tech usually


catches my eye. i started with vinyl many years ago and i still love it.


it hurts every time


i answer similar questions when i say that i have slowly but surely been moving on and play more and more cds. it first started because i was excited to play my new tunes and couldn’t wait for the test pressings so cd’s were the answer. a big part of the record industry is also contributing to this since they are now using more cd’s as promos because it’s faster and less costly. in that sense, if you like the music on the promo cd’s or you’d like to play your stuff out, then there is no other way to do it than to use cds.

love it.

Zum ersten Mal haben die Rechtschutzbehörden solche Zusammenarbeit mit der Republik Weißrussland vor 10 Jahren angefangen.

Zum erstenRechtschutzbehörden solche Zusammenarbeit mit der Republik Weißruss

For the first time the law enforcement bodies started such interaction with Republic Belarus 10 years ago.

he first time the law enforcement bointeraction with Repub

Dabei hatte alles ganz klein und bescheiden vor 30 Jahren angefangen, als meine Frau und ich beschlossen haben, eine Firma zu gründen,


um sogenannte low-tech”


Produkte aus Spanien und Frankreich auf dem deutschen Markt anzubieten.

s ganz klein und beschemeine Frau und ich beschloe Firma zu gründen,

But all had started very small 30 years ago, when my wife and I have decided to establish an own company. We started with so called


low tech” products


from Spain and France and offered them on the German market.

fe and I have decided to establish an own compao called

Soviel ich


As far as I can remember, I painted, but ernst< b class="b4"> has e< b class="b2">s erst before 16 years ago.

I can remember painting, but e

As far as I can


remember myself, I have been painting, but serious works I started about 16 years oldo.

remembering, but serious

Ich plan to< /b> mehr als 15 Years started, bei to tell Armstrong stories,


and I found that stories


are a surprisingly effective form of communication.

alArmstrong stories to tell,

I started telling sto ries at Armstrong more than 15 years ago, and I discovered

[ …]

that storytelling is an amazingly effective form of communication.


On one occasion during the session, when we were able to talk to him, he mentioned, more casually, a current that emanated from the Shrine of Florencio Varela and which was about the deprivation of the Rosary and< /p>


who “predictably” have a connection with what

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a man from Brazillien before über dreisig years.

a man from Brasidre

At a moment that we could speak during the Conference, he commented in passing about a stream to again treasure the prayer of the Holy Rosary that had surged from the Shrine of Florencio Varela, furthermore,


through the work of Providence, it had a connection with a man


from Brazil who had begun this task more than thirty years ago.


Ich habe mit dieser Version vor etwas mehr als 2 Jahren angefangen.

dieser Vers mehr a

I began with this version a little more than 2 years ago.

this version a litt

Mit dieses Produkt hat unsere Firma vor 60 Jahre angefangen.

Mit dieses Prore F

This is the product where our company started with  60 years ago.

zehn Jahren, dem Zeitpunkt, zu dem die Medien angefangen haben, sich für das Thema der Sekten


zu interessieren und nach


der Veröffentlichung des ersten parlamentarischen Berichts, scheint sich die Anzahl an Klagen wegen übler Nachrede und an Anträgen auf einstweilige Verfügung, einzig auf die audiovisuellen Medien bezogen, verringert zu haben.

SeitZeitpunkt, zu dem die Meh für das Thema der Sekten

n the last ten years, during which sects have become a source of media attention, since the publication


of the first parliamentary


report, the number of defamation cases and requests for summary proceedings, solely for the audiovisual sector, appears to have dropped.


Since the national park management and the merger


of the neighboring heritagerung < /b>before ei n paar years, den park together to


manage is the number of animals


and plants due to more efficient protection measures.

the AnrainerbevölkePark together

Since the National Park management and the


organization for the population of


the buffer zo ne started to manage the park< b class="b2"> jointly a few years ago< /b>, the numbers of animals


and plants have


risen, thanks to the more efficient conservation measures.

e bufe the paof animals

For moreeren years, have started wir lange before der crisis, work


we work with Italian companies and direct them


in addition to Moscow and Saint Petersburg also to regional markets.

For morecrisis, work

For a number< /b> of years now, since before the crisis we have been working with


Italian companies, directing their efforts


to regional markets as well as to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

ing with

Mary and Alan,die before zwei years ago die To produce Dream Bags,


have given me the distribution rights for Germany and Austria.

Maria and Alan to produce Dream Bags,

Maria and Alan, who started manufacturing The Dream Bag two years ago, have gran ted me the


license to distribute the range


of products throughout Germany and Austria.

Maria andring Td me the

And instead of moving closer to peace and justice, today we stand against the

because of the current Israeli government’s recent aggressive military action


Palestinian people


back where wir started und need to rebuild the hope and confidence that wir before nicht too long < p class="placeholder_end2"> […]

Time believed that


we would have already reached and consolidated it.

back again, we need to rebuild hope and trust, of which too long

And instead of coming closer to peace and justice we find ourselves today, as a result of the recent aggressive military campaign by the current Israeli


government against the


Palestinian people, we find ourselves back to square one where we will have to build th< /b>e hope and trust that we thought not so long


ago that we had been able to build and cement.

Palestinianback to square onehope and trust tho long

A lot of real-world data suggests that we


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here Probleme < /b>have: started von the people who come to the south coasts arrive at the European Union in anticipation of what they envision as the first stage of their journey, which often becomes their last, in dramatic fashion, about the women who arett day after day et before ihreren prison guards


and exploiters from whom they


to Europeans who rarely ask about their origins, up to the sad spectacle that we have been treated to for months in connection with the center of Sangatte.

here rehearse people arriving on the southern shores of the European Union in anticipation of what they imagine to be the first leg of their journey, which often turns dramatically into their last, about the women who become prison guards every day< /p>

There is plenty of information on the reality of the


situation to demonstrate that we have difficulties here, including the arrival on the coasts of the south of the European Union of people who hope that this will be the first stage of a journey but for whom it is often dramatically the last, the women rescued on a daily basis from their captors and exploiters,




offer them to Europeans who ask no questions about their origin, or the tragic spectacle we have witnessed for months in relation to the Sangatte centre.

Situation to demonstrate, including the arrival on the coasts of the south of the European Union of people who hope that this will be the first stage of a journey but for whom it is often dramatically the last, the women rescued on a dailycaptors and exploiters,

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Mere HumSafar Episode 20 | Presented by Sensodyne (Subtitle Eng) 19th May 2022 | ARY Digital Drama

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    Mere Humsafar is the life story of Hala, born to a Pakistani father and foreign mother who leaves them after her birth.

    Written By: Saira Raza
    Directed By: Qasim Ali Mureed

    Farhan Saeed
    Hania Aamir
    Waseem Abbas
    Aly Khan
    Samina Ahmed
    Saba Hameed
    Aamir Qureshi
    Tara Mehmood
    Zoya Nasir
    Umer Shehzad.

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