2013 DJ Rashad Studio AlbumDouble CupDJ Rashad Studio AlbumReleased20. October 2013GenreFootworkLength56:24TagHyperdubChronology of DJ Rashad Teklife Volume 1 – Welcome to the Chi(2012) Double Cup(2013) Afterlife(2016) Double Cup is footwork musician DJ Rashad’s debut studio album and the only full-length album released during his lifetime. E

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2013 studio album by DJ Rashad

double cup

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Studio album by

DJ Rashad

Released 20. October 2013GenreFootworkLength




TagHyperdubChronology by DJ Rashad
( 2012)

is footwork musician DJ Rashad’s debut studio album and the only full-length album released during his lifetime. It was released on October 20, 2013 via Hyperdub. The cover features a nighttime aerial view of Chicago, Rashad’s hometown.


Professional RatingsTotal ScoreSourceRatingAnyDecentMusic?7.1/10Metacritical79/100ReviewReviewsSourceRatingAny Music

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8/109/103/55/58/108.6/104.0/ 5

has some credit from received by music critics. On Metacritic, which assigns reviews from mainstream critics a normalized rating out of 100, the album received an average score of 79 based on 13 reviews, indicating “generally positive reviews”.

placed “Double Cup” at number 35 on their 2014 list of the “100 Greatest Albums of the Decade So Far” and at number 20 on their 2019 list of the “200 Greatest Albums of the 2010s”.

Song Listing

All tracks were written by DJ Rashad.

No.TitleSelected ArtistsLength1 .”feeling”spiders & Taso4:302.”Show You How”Spinn3:273.”Pass That Shit”Spiders & Taso4:184.”She Goes”Spiders & Taso3:375.”Only”spiders & Taso3:466.”Every day of my life”DJ Phil3:167.”I don’t give a fuck” 2:378.”Double cup”Spinn4:099.”Trank, Kush, Barz”Spinn3:3610.”Reggie” 3:3811. “Acid Bit”Addison-Groove3:2512.”Leave”Manny4:1413.”Let’s No”Spinn4:1114.”I’m at Hello”Graf3:00


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