Hello, I have a question for the pros. I would like to try a 4-course menu for Easter, as opposed to the usual 3-course we have. The only question I have now is

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Hello madB
Thanks for the tip…
I saw the beetroot terriene here in a forum post, but it still depends on whether I get the recipe in time so that I can test cook it. It just looks great in color. But then I thought of the cream of asparagus soup because of the colors.

The tomato soup is so beautifully red and the beetroot is more purple… or does it not matter that it’s not the same course?

Sülze is worth considering… is unfortunately not my goddaughter either sad she’s a bit touchy.

But I can think of another soup… I have a recipe somewhere for a chive soup that tastes delicious too.

I guess I’d rather leave the roast beef because I can’t really assess my \”new\” old stove and if I did I’d do it on Niedergaren. So I probably decided on lamb hips with a mustard crust. You get the sauce with the asparagus ragout, which you have to imagine like this; Cut the asparagus into approx. 4cm pieces, let them cook for a few minutes, conjure up a morel sauce and mix everything together.

I’m just wondering if that’s enough or if I should add some sesame carrots.
I don’t really need a sauce with the potatoes, unless they’re mashed then definitely… but I think I’ll cook them whole and maybe serve them with a herb quark foam.

But this one in an order bowl that everyone can take for themselves if they wish.

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The dessert was decided last night. I put the two together Rolling on the floor laughing there will be strawberry foam in chocolate nests on a kiwi mirror. Yes, yes, it took me half the night.

What do you think you can leave it like that?

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