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title=You want to learn languages ​​for free ? Here are 4 options.

Would you like to learn a new language, but don’t want money for a online language course or a tutorial?

No problem! Because with the internet it is now possible to learn languages ​​online for free and at any time without any problems.

We live in the globalized and digitized age of knowledge and can connect with people around the globe with just a few clicks.

On the internet there is a lot of information on every possible topic, no matter how specific, freely available.

At the same time, however, this is also where the problem lies: There is so much information available on the web that it is sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. It can also be difficult to find the right and important (free) language learning resources.

In this article you will get to know all the learning aids that have helped me to learn languages ​​then and now without spending a lot of money. This saves you the tedious search and selection. And best of all, these resources are all free. This not only saves you time, but also money.

Table of contents:

Online language learning for freeIt is possible to learn a language online and for free, you just have to find and use the right options.

1. Learn languages ​​for free with audio: podcasts, audio courses, and music.

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There are tons of free language learning podcasts. These are easy to listen to anytime, anywhere. These range from podcasts for beginners to podcasts for native speakers.


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Podcasts for beginners introduce you to the language step-by-step. For example, I built my basics for Spanish with “Coffee Break Spanish“. There are also plenty of music podcasts packed with great, free music.

Here are some other recommended language learning podcasts:

  • Radiolingua: Also created the Coffee Break Spanish Podcasts. Podcasts for different languages.
  • Learn Russian with RussiaJournal: 100 podcast episodes lead you and Chris (he learns with you ) into Russian
  • As well as our collection of over 60 free language learning podcasts ( for many different languages)!

In addition to podcasts, there are of course also a number of audio courses, most of which have a similar structure:

free-new-language-learning-onlineMusic is a great way to learn a new language for free.

Another way is to improve your language skills to enhance with music. You can listen to music via YouTube or with a music streaming service (or a music podcast):

  • Spotify is the most prominent representative. There you will find a variety of free music from all over the world. With the personalized radio you can randomly listen to songs of a music genre (e.g. reggaeton if you are learning Spanish).
  • YouTube offers similar music to almost all songs with its “50+ similar tracks” function. So you can easily find great music in your foreign language. The button for this is always at the top right of each title.
  • The site offers you another excellent opportunity to learn languages ​​with music from lyricstraining.com. On this you can listen to YouTube videos and at the same time try to complete the incomplete texts. So you practice vocabulary and listening comprehension at the same time. You are also offered different levels of difficulty, different accents (such as American and British English, or different Spanish-speaking countries) and 12 languages ​​so far.
  • Read our guide on how best learn languages ​​with music!

2. Learn languages ​​for free with videos: YouTube, TV, films, series.

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There are a variety of YouTube videos that you can use to learn foreign languages, for free of course. For example, Polyglot Pablo teaches a variety of languages ​​in his videos. A search on YouTube for your foreign language will reveal many helpful videos (just type in your foreign language and “learn”, such as “learn Spanish”).

Here are some examples of language learning YouTube channels:

Simple video material in the foreign language is also suitable for to improve your listening comprehension. With the additional video it’s easier to understand what’s going on than just with sound. Cartoons and other children’s programs are also great for learning a new language.

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A very special recommendation from me is the Video search engine Amara. There you can search specifically for videos in a certain language. And you can also search for specific subtitles.

If you e.g. For example, if you’re learning Spanish, you can search for Spanish videos with Spanish subtitles (or German subtitles if you’re not too fluent). If you read and hear the same thing at the same time, you can better understand what it’s about.

online-language-learning-free-videosVideos are also a great way to learn a foreign language for free (and online).

Welcome along your receiver channels from other countries? This way you can also train your listening comprehension. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a channel that allows you to set subtitles (in German or in the local language).

Another option is to go to the cinema and watch a film in the original version. Many cinemas have the original English version (for all Hollywood films) for very popular films. But there are also so-called cultural cinemas, where independent films are shown.

These films come from all over the world and are often in the original language but with subtitles. It’s best if you grab a native speaker of your foreign language and watch the film with him.

Find out here: How best to learn a new language with videos.< /strong>

3. Learn languages ​​for free on your cell phone with language learning apps.

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You can also learn a language for free with a variety of language apps. The most popular representatives are Vocabulary trainer apps.

With these you can Learn vocabulary and repeat old vocabulary. The apps always ask you at the perfect time. This is how you remember them quickly and permanently.

In my test of such vocabulary trainers Memorion emerged as the best free app. The free app Memrise is also recommended. mnemonic are given to you in this app so that you can remember the vocabulary even faster.

You can easily use such an app in between and improve your vocabulary knowledge quickly and with little expenditure of time.

But there are also a large number of other free apps for learning languages – the most well-known of which is probably Duolingo. Duolingo By the way, we also subjected it to an extensive test.

4. Talk to real people: tandems or language learning groups.

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Language tandems are an absolutely excellent opportunity to quickly become fluent in a foreign language. A language tandem consists of 2 tandem partners who each learn the other’s native language.

There are many ways to find someone who speaks your foreign language as their first language. I mostly used the Conversation Exchange platform. There you can find tandem partners worldwide for free. You can also sort by city if you live in a slightly larger city to find a local tandem partner.

Here are some more sites to find tandem partners:

  • tandempartners.org
  • speaky.com (exclusively for Skype tandems)
  • Here you will find more than 40 other ways to find a tandem partner .

There are many groups on Facebook where you can find local partners. These include the following types of groups:

  1. Find a local tandem partner (e.g. Language Tandem Berlin)
  2. Certain tandem combinations (e.g. Intercambio español-alemán/ Tandem Spanish-German). Depending on the size of the group, you can also find a local tandem partner.
  3. Groups for compatriots in a city (e.g. Espanoles en Berlin ). A request for a tandem partner is usually answered with many offers.

Just enter the language you are learning in the search bar on Facebook and search for specific groups. You will usually get a variety of results this way.

More cultural and event sites, where there are usually groups where you can find tandem partners:

  • Couchsurfing is a platform on which you provide a bed (or a couch) in your home for travelers free of charge . In return, you can also use this service when travelling. Couchsurfing is therefore ideal for intercultural exchange.
  • Internations is a website for expats (foreigners living in another country live and work). On this you will find events in which native speakers from different countries take part.
  • Meetup is a platform for events and meetings, where you can also find a lot of meetings and groups for language exchange.
  • Here we already have


    for some German cities (and Vienna) Meetings for language exchange and language learning compiled


5. More ways to learn a language for free.

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But that’s not all you can do. You can learn vocabulary with language learning apps, but not everyone likes to learn with their smartphone in hand. I much prefer learning vocabulary with flashcards.

You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Pre-printed flashcards: The vocabulary is already pre-printed on these flashcards. On one side is the German word and on the other side the vocabulary. But we want to keep it free, so option 2 is better.
  2. Blank flashcards: There are also blank index cards that you can write on yourself. This has the advantage that you can only write down the vocabulary that is relevant to you. You only write down the vocabulary that is important to you at the moment (e.g. vocabulary that you were missing in the tandem conversation). Blank index cards are very cheap. You can get them for 1-2€ per 100 cards in a stationery store. Or you can make your own index cards out of paper. To do this, cut a DIN-A4 sheet into 8 index cards. Then you can get away (almost) for free.

You can take these vocabulary cards with you and learn them anywhere. This not only saves you money, but also time while learning.

For some languages ​​we have also already put together collections with the best free online learning aids.


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6. Learning with money is of course easier, but learning languages ​​can also be done for free.

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Of course, it is easier to learn a foreign language by spending a few euros. It will probably go faster if you invest your money well. With this money you can travel to the country, hire a tutor, etc.

For example, I used the following paid (but inexpensive) resources:

  • Amazon Prime Video (*): Here you can watch an unlimited number of films and series. It is particularly useful for languages ​​that are less common.
  • Netflix: The same principle, only you have it here an online video store. You can access an unlimited number of films and series. However, the selection here is more limited and there is less material for different languages ​​(a large part is German and English).

I’m always happy to travel to a country where the language is spoken. So I’m more motivated to master the language as well as possible before I travel. In addition, I really learn a lot in the days/weeks in which I am on site. So if you want to invest your money well, this is the best option.

You can also reduce your travel costs very well by using platforms such as B. take advantage of the Couchsurfing I already mentioned.

Others, on the other hand, like to learn with ready-made programs, courses and other paid materials. Here you can find my paid recommendations for language learning.

But it is not absolutely necessary to spend money. You can also learn languages ​​quickly for free and online. Without spending a single cent.

Learn a foreign language online and for freeA personal language teacher is of course much more effective for learning a new language learn – but of course much more expensive.

7. Conclusion: Learning languages ​​online for free is possible, but also a bit more complex.

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The options I have listed in this post represent just a small part of the options you can use to learn a foreign language for free (and online). The Internet is full of opportunities and much of it is free. Digitization and globalization make it possible!

Of course, it is easier (and possibly quicker) to learn a foreign language with the help of others – such as a language teacher or a language course. Of course, such a service costs money. And depending on the quality of the offer not too little.

With a little more effort and, above all, self-discipline you can find a large number of excellent language tools online (and not only there). to learn a new language for free. You just have to take on this extra effort.

What do you think of these ways to learn languages ​​for free? Do you know of any other ways that have helped you that I haven’t listed here? Tell me and the other readers in the comments.

And – how did you like my contribution? Please leave me a review:

Note: Links marked with (*) are Amazon affiliate links. If you follow them and make a purchase on Amazon, we earn a small percentage of the purchase value. Of course, the price for you remains the same.

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    Support me on Patreon:
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    LingQ is a platform that teaches you a new language by reading material with your native language as a support. I don’t like the design but the technique is very effective:

    iTalki. You can get $10 credit applied to your account when you make your first purchase, or you can just check it out for free using this link, which also helps me out by allowing me to take more language lessons:

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    Language learning videos, tips and techniques!\r

    The apps, browser extensions and websites included here are (ordered from 1-12):
    1. Mango Languages (https://mangolanguages.com/)
    2. Pod101 (Innovative Languages – Google the language you are studying + pod101)
    3. Bab.la (https://bab.la/)
    4. iTalki (https://www.italki.com/i/CHfEEb?hl=en-us)
    5. 50 Languages (www.50languages.com)
    6. Music Speed Changer (https://musicspeedchanger.com/)
    7. Chrome or Firefox extension for slowing down or speeding up videos in your target language: Video Speed Controller
    8. Google Docs
    9. YouTube
    10. Bookmate (a great e-reading platform for free, www.bookmate.com)
    11. Anki (Spaced repetition for learning vocabulary fast, https://apps.ankiweb.net/)
    12. Forvo (The best pronunciation guide for foreign languages, www.forvo.com)

    If you are ready to move on from Duolingo and use something that might actually work but you’re not ready to pay for something like Busuu, Babbel or Glossika, then these free language learning apps may be for you.
    There are apps here to read and write in your target language, help you perfect your accent, help you to understand your language, and help you to remember the words and speak them. If you are learning a foreign language, there is almost certainly something on this list that can help you.

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