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Fall STEM Challenge

Fall STEM Challenge


This is a home based challenge open to all students.  Projects should be brought to the R&D Center on Wednesday, September 21. Projects will be on display at the Science & Engineering Night on September 22.  


Paper Container Design Challenge:

The new IKEA catalog had a great article about their efforts to find new ways to reuse paper to create marketable products.  The teams have been researching different grades of paper and paper pulp and are finding innovative ways to turn paper into storage containers, toys, decorations, and furniture.   Your challenge is to design a marketable item for IKEA using paper, preferably paper found in the recycle bin. 

Your entry must include:

  • a diagram of your design, including measurements for the item in production
  • a prototype of the design
  • marketing for your product, such as a catalog page or advertisement describing its features
  • your name and teacher’s name on all pieces of your entry

2 winners will be selected for this design challenge.   One will be selected by a KCSMA partner in education and the other will be selected by families that attend the Science & Engineering Night on Thursday, September 22.