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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Dear Parents,

As we continue with Problem Based Learning, Kindergarten students have been given the STEM problem for this month: How can we collect and sort rocks on our playground to design a play space for K-1 students and make it safer?

Some of the classrooms came up with the following solutions:

  1. Collect and sort the rocks

  2. Use donated tires to sort and house the rocks

  3. Create a bed of rocks where they can use dump trucks, bulldozers, pails and shovels to move the rocks

  4. Create a play space with just sand

The children have started designing and putting up posters around the school to ask for donated trucks, pails and shovels.

We are asking parents and staff to donate the following:

  1. Bags of Pea Pebbles to pour into the rock bed, bags of play sand, and weed fabric to cover the bottom layers. If you would rather purchase the bag of sand or pea pebbles and drop off that is also an option.

  2. Donate any old trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, pails or shovels you might have at home

By the end of the unit, students will understand the STEM design loop and will be able communicate their understanding of the properties of rocks and soil, and sand. There will also be a new play area for all of your children to explore! Thank you for your support on this exciting STEM project!!!!


The Kindergarten Team

Please email Mrs. Haklik or Ms. Bailey with any questions.