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Principal's Pen- Carpool

Principal's Pen- Carpool

September 7, 2017                                                                                                                                                                          Carpool

Greetings KCSMA families,

Thank you all for your cooperation with the changes that were made for morning and afternoon carpool. Even though our enrollment is down, we are still pushing anywhere between 400 and 500 cars through the property each morning and afternoon. Our reduction in students resulted in a reduction in staff; specifically support staff members that are available to monitor arrival and dismissal.  Your child’s safe arrival and dismissal is our top priority. Please note the following tips that can help make everyone’s experience a positive one when dropping off and picking up children:

  • Students can be dropped off at our Before School Program as early as 6am for $4 per day.
  • It seems the bulk of traffic occurs between 7:30 and 7:50 each morning, increasing in volume each minute. Whether we drop off at the back or the front, there will be a back up of cars if everyone is trying to drop off at the last minute.
  • Please have your child sitting at the right side of the car so they can exit on the sidewalk and not the street.
  • If you have to attend to last minute details (uniform/ hair check, back pack check, etc.), please park in the lot and take care of those tasks. The line is delayed when students aren’t ready go get out when the door is opened for them.
  • We have students that come from all areas of Cobb County attending our school. We also have staff that comes from all over the metro Atlanta area and some travel from outside the metro. When unforeseen traffic issues delay staff, we have to pull staff from the carpool line to monitor homeroom classes.
  • Some of our babies were getting caught in the hallway traffic when we were dismissing to the front and back. The result is a backed up car line while we find the child to send them to the appropriate pick up spot. Now, all traffic flows to the front.
  • Again, all students can’t be picked up at the same time (2:45). We have cars that are in line for dismissal as early as 1:30, which starts the back up to Cobb Parkway.
  • A few fender benders were reported when parents were trying to merge from the front and back pickup as well as merging onto busy Cobb Parkway. Having one flow of traffic helps to avoid these mishaps.
  • Many parents drop off their children on the way to work. If you can, please try to drop off your child between 7am and 7:30am when there are considerably fewer cars.

I would like to give the new route a few more days to work before going back to the old way of using two lines.  I will communicate the change on Tuesday, September 12 if we need to go back to the original carpool process. Since we do not have any bus service, carpool will never be ideal for every family. Please support our efforts in making sure everyone gets on and off campus as quickly as possible. This can only work with your cooperation. 

With children in mind, 

Dr. James McNealey